I had a low risk encounter?

Maybe someone can help me what to do?

I had a low risk encounter. No sex, but I was naked and the guy I’ve been with masturbated, and came on my inner leg and vagina. But tired as I was I got up way to late to go to the bathroom, the sperm was alredy dry. I got most likely a little sperm inside my vagina. I know I shouldn’t be worried to much, but what if he got freshly infected and has a high viral load? He’s very rich and girls literally throw themselves at him and I know he’s been with quite some women. He tried to have sex with me without condom and I said no. But I can imagine others would say yes, he’s like crazy rich, makes gifts, is attractive.

Also he fingered me and we both did oral. But his teeth and nails hurted me.. could that have caused micro injuries?

I went to the ER to get medical advise. A young doctor prescribed me PEP. I guess he wanted to make sure I was safe and maybe he did that also cause he’s not an expert on infects/HIV. But all the side effects coming with PEP, should I really take it for a month? I’m afraid I do more harm than helping myself with it. I took the medication three times so far. Thanks in advance for your responses.

Age: 28
Medications: PEP (Truvada,
General Information: Right now side effects like nausea, not much appetite, one time vomiting (I didn’t eat that morning though), burp sometimes, tiredness (but that could also be due to other factors)

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
9:06 am

Based on the information you provided, I wouldn’t worry about the dried semen. But, of course, oral sex is low HIV risk but medium to medium-high risk for other STDs – especially because your partner seems to have had many partners and there may have been direct contact (bite). PEP is a good precaution and I think you should not cease it. Normally PEP side effects are minimal and should not last longer than a week.