I am a male with weak ejaculation. Are there any remedies?

Question: 39, male with weak ejaculation. Much remains in the urethra and has to be urinated out. Sometimes there is irritation and urge to urinate but no urine to flush. Currently taking antidepressants and beta blockers which I must continue. Are there any remedies? Thank you.

Best Answer: I would recommend you do pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor exercises are a specific workout that intentionally engages, strengthens, and tones your pelvic floor muscles that are involved in bladder, bowel, and sexual function. To quickly identify the pelvic floor muscles try to stop the flow of urine while emptying your bladder. Do this once for a second or two, this is the correct muscle. This is the muscle you need to exercise.

Start the exercise by sitting or laying down. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for up to 10 seconds, then release. Do a set of 10 squeezes. Repeat the exercises two or three times a day. As your muscle strength improves, you can hold each squeeze for longer or add more repetitions.

Dr. Xavier Trepanier

Bleeding from vagina. Is this normal or caused by blood clotting?

Question: Hello. I am suffering from vaginal bleeding. I gave birth about a month and a half ago by C-Section. I had bleeding for about a week afterwards. Then it stopped for about 2 weeks and then it started again daily about 2 weeks ago. Can this be due to blood clotting or is this normal after a c-section? I have uploaded CBC, PT, INR/PTT results for you. Thanks again ahead of time for your answer or help.

Answer: Based on the information you have provided you seem to be suffering from postpartum hemorrhage and from the docs you sent they do indicate some type of blood clotting disorder  raised prothrombin time (PT) and international normalized ratio (INR). This needs to be examined and treated immediately. I recommend you go to an ER or hospital. The following tests need to completed: blood, liver function tests (LFT), urea, creatinine, platelet count, bleeding time (BT), clotting time (CT) prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin (APTT) as well as an USG (ultrasonography) . Administration of IV antibiotic as well as FFP transfusion and blood reserve will probably be required.


Dr. John Claude

I was wearing adult diapers to keep my bed dry?

I’m 35 male And I don’t take any meds I was wearing adult diapers to keep my bed dry a couple of nights ago the diaper was dry till I Sat up then with out knowing I would pee in with out knowing that happen for three night before I could make it to the bathroom my question is that normal and should i be concern and should i start to wear them during day ?

Age: 35
Medications: No
General Information: I was told that I have stress

I have a growth on the glans of my penis?

I’m 26 and have a growth on the glans of my penis. They have been present for roughly 5-6 months now, they started small and became but haven’t grown in a few months now. Is this HPV? I’ve only had a handful of sexual partners, so it’s possible.They don’t hurt when I touch them or push on them, but I can feel a mild throbbing pain coming from that area after an erection or after inspecting them (touching them)

Medications: none
General Information: I’ve noticed some other bumps starting to form on the ridge of my penis glans, they don’t hurt with an erection, only after when I’m flaccid, and the pain is very mild, but noticeable.

Maybe my doctor made a mistake, is this even balanitis?

This incident happened approximately 7 months ago – I had sex with a woman who had a bad reputation for sleeping around a lot. I used a condom however the condom broke midway and didn’t realize it until we were done with having sex. When i saw the condom broke i freaked out. I took a bottle ofScotch/whiskey (like an idiot) and washed my penis with it hoping that i wouldn’t catch any diseases. 2 days later my penis was feeling different and got a rash. (either from her or the whisky)

I went to the doctor around a week later and i got tested for most common STDs – All came back negative. The doctor said i have balanitis and he gave me some anti-fungal cream and i did that for a few months and not much of a difference happened, after several months with no change i was prescribed a stronger anti-fungal cream and still no change. After no change, i used a steroid cream (Hydrocortisone 1%) still there is no change.
My penis used to be so smooth and pink in color, now the infected area has lost its color and not smooth anymore. I keep it clean all the time, shower everyday washing the penis with warm water even after i urinate.

It does not pain, i never had any pain. I did have inflammation on the forskin initially but that is gone. My only problem is the Rash. I have tried multiple products, yet nothing seems to work. The redness tends to get darker at times but the rash is still quite visible.

Maybe my doctor made a mistake, is this even balanitis? Will this ever go away ? I have been depressed, i cannot do anything except masterbate. 7 months without sex, i have lost the motivation to go to the gym. I have wasted so much money on various products.

Age: 25
Medications: N/A

I have strange small painless bumps on my penis head?

I’ve had an std tests. All results come back negative. But I have strange small painless bumps on my penis head. Can anyone tell me what this is please ? They are very small and almost flesh colored. Is this just some bacterial or fungal infection ? I appreciate any help at all!

Age: 27
Medications: None

I have had uterine ablation approximately 10 years ago, is hysterectomy recommended?

I have had uterine ablation approximately 10 years ago. I am 53 and premenopausal. Recently started having cramping and pain in what I thought was left ovary. They did find cystic lesion 3×8 x 3.3 x 5.1 cm in the left ovary but what concerns me is this: “Complex findings in the uterus with a large irregular region of fluid and soft tissue, which may arise from the endometrium. Differential considerations would include an endometrial malignancy. A large degenerating fibroid is an alternative consideration.” They are recommending a D&C with ultrasound guidance because of the scar tissue and history of severe endometriosis. Rt ovary was removed 4 years ago found to be endometrioma. I’m wondering why a hysterectomy wouldn’t be a better idea to just put an end to all of these issues?

Age: 53
Medications: verapamil
General Information: lower abdominal cramping and bloating.

I have blood in my urine, is it cancer?

Two and a half weeks ago I had a day where my urine was dark red/brown. I put this down to too much black coffee as it always makes me need to urinate much more often. I even thought it could be the coffee passing through me. This continued for a few days and then became normal one time and coloured the next. This is how it continued until during the last few days it became more blood coloured more often, but my doctor had started me on Rivaroxaban because I have intermittent AF and one of the common side effects is blood in the urine. Today, for example from first thing in the morning my urine was clear, bloody, clear, clear and then bloody, bloody and clear.
Having seen a bloody urine sample and tested it today my doctor has referred me as urgent to the hospital for tests.
I have googled it and found with bladder cancer it is quite usual for the urine to fluctuate, being bloody one time and not the next.
Are my chances of having cancer great? Unfortunately I am 65 and have smoked all my life albeit less then 10 a day.
Thank you

Age: 65
Medications: Rivaroxaban and Citalopram both 20mg

Is Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) the right procedure?

I’m 67 years old with an enlarged prostrate. I’ve taken tamsulosin 2x a day for 5 years but the problem has gotten to the point that I admit that I need to take more effective measures. Because I also have a 2mm stone in my bladder my urologist says TURP is the procedure of choice. My question is this, is it obvious that TURP is the way to go or are there alternative procedures to explore? My urologist is quite competent but he is semi-retired “old school” and I’m not confident that he knows about the most recent developments in the field.

Age: 67
Medications: Tamsulosin HCL 0.4mg twice a day
General Information: Except for the enlarged prostrate I am in very good health