I have had uterine ablation approximately 10 years ago, is hysterectomy recommended?

I have had uterine ablation approximately 10 years ago. I am 53 and premenopausal. Recently started having cramping and pain in what I thought was left ovary. They did find cystic lesion 3×8 x 3.3 x 5.1 cm in the left ovary but what concerns me is this: “Complex findings in the uterus with a large irregular region of fluid and soft tissue, which may arise from the endometrium. Differential considerations would include an endometrial malignancy. A large degenerating fibroid is an alternative consideration.” They are recommending a D&C with ultrasound guidance because of the scar tissue and history of severe endometriosis. Rt ovary was removed 4 years ago found to be endometrioma. I’m wondering why a hysterectomy wouldn’t be a better idea to just put an end to all of these issues?

Age: 53
Medications: verapamil
General Information: lower abdominal cramping and bloating.