I slipped and fell l broke my femur in three places?

I slipped and fell l broke my femur in three places , they have put a surgery metal plate in my leg l am recovering well after 6 days in hospital , l would like to know the weight of the metal plate in my leg for my future diet , l just want to know the weight of the metal plate so l know how many pounds to lose please

Age: 59
Medications: Paracetamol

I had a spinal fusion surgery now have difficulty swallowing food?

I had a spinal fusion surgery done last year, now have difficulty swallowing food. A swelling occurred in supraclavical area. Had MRI, US done. All good. Surgeon says not due to surgery. tested for cushings and it isn’t cushings either. Swelling is on both sides. I am told it is life threatening. But no one has any answers. What can be done? Please help.

Age: 45

I had Mohs surgery, a bump formed on the site, please advise?

I have a dermatology question/concern.I had Moh’s surgery(all clear) on Jan 2 without stitches. On Jan 10 my surgeon said it was healing nicely. On Jan 22 a bump formed on the site. My question is: Is this the normal healing process without stitches? It is a bit worrisome. Surely the cancer couldn’t come back after only 20 days or could it. It stayed flat for the 6 weeks between the biopsy and surgery, and now there’s a bump after the all clear. Thanks

Age: 65
Medications: flutisicone,multi vitamins
General Information: Yes and I have another follow-up appointment this Wednesday, but the worry will make it a long 5 days!

I had spine surgery exposing my spine, is there risk of infection?

I recently had surgery to confuse five vertebrae in my neck the problem is is my incision started to create a big hole looks like it was infected my surgeon told me it was not infected but he put me on antibiotics anyway. So I have this big gaping hole it is exposing my spinal cord and my spine.I’ve had surgery once to correct it and close the incision, he cleaned it out and closed the incision and stitched it. Well the hole has returned. I was supposed to go out of town to a plastic surgeon to close the incision again but I haven’t heard back from my surgeon’s office for 2 days. What is my risk of infection from my having my spine exposed? I like my surgeon and I don’t believe that he’s trying to hurt me in any way, but should I be seeking second opinion or another doctor to close this incision and should I be doing it faster than it’s being done? it’s now been seven days since the last time I was in surgery to have it closed.

Age: 56
Medications: None

Hair transplant for a 23 year old, is it a good or bad idea?

I have a question about hair transplants. I am 23 years old and I am beginning to lose my hair. My hairline is starting to recede. Just wondering if I can get a hair transplant done of my receding hairline. Is there a minimum which can be done or not. Are there any risks involved. Please explain. Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Looking for some objective opinion.

Age: 23
Medications: No

Left flank pain due to Congenital Pelvi-ureteric junction (PUJ) obstruction, is surgery needed?

Left flank pain due to Congenital PUJ obstruction. Both kidney function are normal. 4 renal scans have been done. Some doctors advice surgery. Some say surgery not needed. Flank pain is frequent and bothersome. My age is 38 years and I am a Male.

Age: 38
Medications: Cresar AM and Tonact

I had a vaginal hysterectomy with removal of ovaries, now bleeding?

I had a vaginal hysterectomy with removal of ovaries 3 weeks ago. I am now getting pain in the groin region during bladder and bowel movements and have just noticed bleeding from the vagina. Is this normal or should i return to the hospital? I am based in Germany and it is not so simple. Thank you

Age: 60
Medications: None

I had quadruple bypass 2 yrs ago, can I take omega 7?

can I take ultra omega burn it is omega seven.I had quadruple bypass 2 yrs ago. I am also diabetic
on insulin. I used to take omega 3-6-9 and was told by an internist to stop it because of blood thinning
and clotting possibilities. I currently take eliquis 5 mg bid.. thankyou

Age: 71
Medications: insulin novo rapid 12u tid, lantus 24u qhs, metformin 500 mg bid, amlodepine 10 mg, od lasix10 mg od, vasotec 5mg bid, lyrica 200 mg tid, eliquis 5 mg bid, hydralazine 50 mg qid, iferrous gluconate 300 mg od, tylenol 650 mg tid, praluent 150 mg injection q2wks, pantoloc 40 mg qhs, magnesium 500 mg tid, vit D 1000 mg od, vit c 500 mg od, b12 500 mcg od, b6 250 mg od,
General Information: quadruple bypass 2015
diabetes type 2 1992
pulmonary hypertension 2014
fibromyalgia xyrs
arthritis last few yrs

I had a cardiac catheter ablation last week , I had another SVT episode, should I be worried?

Last Friday I had a cardiac catheter ablation to get rid of my SVT. The doctors successfully found the problem area and they told me they were able to get rid of it. Today (Thursday, almost one week later) I had another SVT episode when I was babysitting. It lasted for about 40 seconds and it wasn’t as bad as usual but it was SVT. Should I be worried that they didn’t get it or is this maybe just a side effect of the surgery or maybe the tissue isn’t healed or something like that.

Age: 25
Medications: CBD pills for anxiety
General Information: Nothing other than I’ve had SVT for 3 years now and it’s been exactly 1 week since I had the surgery.

I have numerous small stones, is removing gallbladder necessary?

Hello, please advise:
1) if removal of gallbladder (which has numerous small stones between 2-5 mm and 4-5 stones with the sizes of 8-16 mm) may cause a cancer of duodenum, or small intestine or any intestine in the future?

2) would you recommend removing gallbladder with such stones (described above) or keeping such gallbladder?

3) would keeping such gallbladder (as described above) cause cancer?

Thank you.

Age: 45
Medications: none

I had a benign breast tumor removed, is it possible for the tumor to have returned?

I am a 26 year old female and In December 2015, I had a lump removed from my breast. It was benign breast tumor but it was removed as it was quite large. I noticed the lump was there as I was getting a pain where it was, especially when I had my period. Over the last 6 months or so the pain has returned in my breast and it is a little worse than what it was before. I’m not sure if I can feel a lump as it feels different with the scar and has always been a bit tender since the surgery. Is it possible that the lump has returned and do I need to go and see my GP?

Medications: None

Can bruising on the chest be caused from a tubation on an anemic person after surgery?

Can bruising on the chest be caused from a tubation on an animic person this appeared after surgery to repair a broken bone under the left eye tbe bruising was not there before but appeared afterwards im just trying to figure out if this is from the tubation and is it common for this to happen?
Medications: None

I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago for endometriosis, have side effects please advise?

I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago for endometriosis ages 27. After the surgery I suffered severe infection which resulted in two further surgeries one to remove scar tissue around my bowels and lower intestine and one to remove my remaining Fallopian tube I also was admitted to hospital and put on IV antibiotics for 7 day periods over a period of 13 months I was admitted 8 times doctors could never control the infection. I recovered for a period of around 6 months then started getting strange stinging electrical shock symptoms around my genital area and my back and head after many test I was diagnosed as delusional and put on medication which after being adjusted many times eased my anxiety but never my symptoms they continued to worsen I now constantly feel like something that feels slimy like small worms are crawling from my genitals or scalp I get a bad burning pain in my right shoulder blade that often extends down my back into my lower back/ buttock I often feel something is crawling or moving up from my bottom round either side of my waists to my belly button. Area this can sometimes produce also a strange smell which other people have smelt. This causes me to feel exhausted extremely bloated to the point I feel my stomach may pop and it becomes very distended I often feel sick and have random hot flushes, concussion a fuzzy feeling and low mood last time I was in the bath the sensation from my genitals was bad so I took a photo and I would like you to look and see if you see the dark worm type looking problem I see and feel

Sertraline and rispiredone

Can Neophrotoxicity cause kidney failure, does it require surgery, please elaborate?

with Acetaminophen -and induced Neophrotoxicity, cause accute kidney failure/ injury and requires surgery for repair.? advised cause is between collecting chambers of the kidney and 2 blood vessels come out of one part of the kidney instead of separate origins.effects breathing and swollen legs..advised life threatening without operation..

I had laparoscopic myomectomy, I have now been diagnosed with a large 10cm pelvic hematoma?

I had laparoscopic myomectomy five months ago for a large subserosal fibroid- surgery went well with no complications. Three days ago I had abdominal pain and after going to the ER, I’ve been diagnosed with a large 10cm pelvic hematoma. After being monitored for 24 hours with regular bloods, temperature, blood pressure and ultrasound I was considered stable and able to leave hospital. I return tomorrow for further ultrasound and bloods to see if it’s still the same. I am not in my home country and do not have access to my surgeons. What is the best course of action for a stable but large hematoma? I’m now just in mild pain, resting with a heatpack and panadol, and no fever or nausea.