Hair transplant for a 23 year old, is it a good or bad idea?

I have a question about hair transplants. I am 23 years old and I am beginning to lose my hair. My hairline is starting to recede. Just wondering if I can get a hair transplant done of my receding hairline. Is there a minimum which can be done or not. Are there any risks involved. Please explain. Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Looking for some objective opinion.

Age: 23
Medications: No

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11:35 am

I would not recommend a hair transplant for a man in his early twenties. Hair transplants require hair to be removed either in strips to create grafts or in follicles – FUE procedure – from the back of the head and transplant to a new area, in your case the receding hairline area.. Which is fine as long as your hair loss is stabilized. If a transplant is done before then, you will end up with new bald patches if further hair loss happens. Then corrective measures and added transplants need to be done which will be complicated and the… Read more »