Experiencing sore throat and unusual itching, what can it be?

me and boyfriend have question. For the past week or two Ive had slight sore throat. No other symptoms. After performing oral sex, the soar throat seems worse through the night and into the next morning.

last night he said when we were having sex, his penis itched to the point that he had to stop and scratch it. Then he said it felt like sawdust… kinda scratchy like that a sensation of sawdust. I didn’t experience this but again, the sore throat intensified after sex.

we were broken up for two weeks, had other partners (one each) but used condoms with those instances.

Maybe unrelated (the throat and penis itching) but odd as again, we do not have any other symptoms. typically a sore throat would advance to other illness or go away. Physical appearance of both genitals are fine and no discomfort for wither of us during regular daily activity

does this sound like anything obvious

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Dr.Honey Arora
6:07 am

Your explanation looks like oro genital infection.
But for confirmation get your throat swab culture and your partners urethral swab culture can be advised.
So if the symptoms persist consult an Emergency room and get evaluated..
For now use condom for any Oro Genital contact..

Hope this helps..

Arti Sharma
12:08 pm

It is possible that you might have acquired infection during oral sex.But for confirmation of diagnosis you both need to be investigated.Tests like swab of your throat and your partners urethra can help confirm the diagnosis.Only once diagnosis is confirmed treatment can be determined. Practise safe sex.Use condom.