Developed a rash just below right corner of mouth, Please advise?

Developed a rash just below right corner of mouth. It started out with small rough bumps. I put rubbing alcohol on it and it caused it to dry out and open up. There is a small amount of clear liquid that came out. My glands in the right side under my jaw are swollen and sore as well. The area of the rash has slight swelling as well. Also, the rash has a minor tingling sensation, but not sure if that could be the neosporin I put on it. Please advise.

Age: 42
Medications: Valsartan-hctz 160-12.5 mg
General Information: No

Is it the same virus that causes sores inside and outside the mouth?

when it comes to mouth cold sores, is it the same virus that causes sores inside the mouth (cheeks gums tongue etc) as the one that causes on the outside of the mouth (lips edge)? Why do some people present with exterior sores vs interior sores, and if you already experience interior sores but not exterior, are you likely to experience exterior lip sores if you are in contact/saliva exchange with someone who is symptomatic with exterior lip sores?


Age: 35
Medications: N/A
General Information: no

I have positive Relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD) and inflammation of the optic nerve, should I be worried?

I have positive rapd and inflammation of the optic nerve, should I be worried? After a visit to the doctor with headaches nausea and fatigue and a visit to my optician as I was suffering blurred vision in my left eye, I was referred to the opthamologist where they discovered the rapd and inflammation. I was sent for a ct scan the same day and have a follow up appointment in two weeks. I’m so worried that it’s something serious ( thanks to google) it’s freaking me out. I’m 35 with 3 children. They checked my blood pressure which was 137/40, she said it was a bit on the high side for my age, any advice would be appreciated.

Age: 35
Medications: Thyroxine

Experiencing sore throat and unusual itching, what can it be?

me and boyfriend have question. For the past week or two Ive had slight sore throat. No other symptoms. After performing oral sex, the soar throat seems worse through the night and into the next morning.

last night he said when we were having sex, his penis itched to the point that he had to stop and scratch it. Then he said it felt like sawdust… kinda scratchy like that a sensation of sawdust. I didn’t experience this but again, the sore throat intensified after sex.

we were broken up for two weeks, had other partners (one each) but used condoms with those instances.

Maybe unrelated (the throat and penis itching) but odd as again, we do not have any other symptoms. typically a sore throat would advance to other illness or go away. Physical appearance of both genitals are fine and no discomfort for wither of us during regular daily activity

does this sound like anything obvious

After antibiotic treatment, I still have white spots in throat?

I have been coughing for about a month. Two weeks ago my tonsils swell up and my throat became extremely painful, for which I received antibiotics. This worked fast and the inflamed tonsils are gone.

However, now that I have completed the antibiotics cure about a week ago, I am still coughing and I have these white spots in the back of my throat. What do I have that was not cured by the antibiotics? Thank you!

Age: 21
Medications: None

I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates and I think possibly a nasal polyp, what can be done?

Hello. I’ve experienced sinus pressure in the face for many years (I think 8-10). The pressure is right behind the top of the nose and also in the ears. My breathing is slightly restricted. I was told I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates and I think possibly a nasal polyp. I’m a classically-trained singer, and, for some reason, singing makes it feel significantly better (although when I’m singing poorly, it makes it worse). Benadryl helps it somewhat (but definitely not all the way) and I do remember the symptoms basically vanishing once when I took an oral steroid (although nasal corticosteroids don’t do much). I can actually relieve much of the pressure simply by pulling my nostrils apart (or using a nasal strip), but that’s obviously not cutting at the root cause.

Age: 25
Medications: Sinus rinse
General Information: I had 5 “sets of tubes” in my head (through my ears I think?) when I was very young, according to my mom. I’ve suffered from sinus issues my whole life.

I feel a pressure on the cartilage in my throat, any ideas what it can be?

I’ve been having a strange sensation in my throat since November of 2016. At first, I thought it was a stomach virus since I was feeling very nauseous during that time. However, when the nausea stopped, I was left with a feeling of throat tightness. I didn’t vomit during that time. It has now been a year, and I feel it occasionally on and off. Sometimes it’s possible to ignore, but other times it’s very strong. It feels like I’m pressing my fingers on the cartilage in my throat (where the Adams Apple would be on a male) and the tight sensation can be felt up to my tongue. It’s not as common, but another symptom I feel is a sort of spasm at the back of my throat. The best way to describe it is the sensation you feel when you are about to gag. But, I don’t gag. It lasts for a few seconds, then goes away.

I can drink, eat, speak and breathe with no problem. For a time, it did affect my appetite, and I lost weight very rapidly due to not eating much. I suspect it might be stress or anxiety related since my symptoms seem to show up when my anxiety starts to act up. My other guess it can be related to heartburn. Symptoms show up also after really bad heartburn. Any ideas what it can be? Thank you.

Age: 33
Medications: Not taking any medication
General Information: When these symptoms appear, sometimes I’ll feel either cold or hot flashes.

I have chronic sinus, is there something that can be done?

I have chronic sinus from april this year. I have been on 2 or 3 rounds of cortisone to help. I have tried every possible alternative therapy. I have removed wheat, gluten dairy and sugar from my diet…. but i am still battling like crazy sinus since sep.

Looked inside my nose tonight. It was extremely red with a small yellow type growth on it. Maby a polyp ??

What are the solutions here…..i cant carry on living with this sinus

Age: 40
Medications: Sinus meds
General Information: Asthma from adulthood

I’m having a problem with my sinuses, major headaches and nose bleeds?

Hi I’m having a problem with my sinuses and major headaches and also occasional nose bleeds. Sometimes i get pressure on the right side of my nose and the pain causes the right side of my face to swell and my teeth to hurt where i can not even close my mouth. Then with the headaches i take medicines but it might soothe it for like 1hr and come right back 10x harder, also with the nose bleeds it can happen depending on the severity of my headaches. Maybe you can help me. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Age: 22
Medications: N/a

I am worried I have throat / tonsil cancer, is this cancer or anything to be concerned about?

I am worried I have throat/tonsil cancer. I have 2 areas 1 on each tonsil that shouldn’t be there and I’m not sure how long they have been there. I am 36 year old male with HTN and Gerd. I smoke a pack per day and have since I was 15. My throat doesn’t hurt and I seem to have no other symptoms. Is this cancer or anything to be concerned about? Both things are squishy and painless.

Age: 36
Medications: Prilosec and Hydrochlorizide
General Information: No

I get ear nose and throat problems once a month, what can it be?

Hi I get ear nose and throat problems once a month I start with ear and throat pain and then I feel like I have trapped liquid and get itchiness and at the same time I get nasal congestion and watery nose after a few days with those symptom I get sore swollen bright red tonsils with white sores and tonsil stones Im so confused and I dont know what it can be since I have so many symptoms at once and it has been going on for about 6 months

Age: 24
Medications: N/A

I have an intermittent low hum in my right ear, please advise?

I have an intermittent low hum in my right ear only. It sometimes goes ‘on and off’ when I turn my head from side to side. It also sometimes starts if I press around my earlobe area. Sometimes it is in synch with my heartbeat and other times it is just a continuous hum. I have had my ear checked and my wax is normal levels and there is no damage to my eardrum. I am 49 yr old male.

Age: 49
Medications: Loperamide