I have had a severe sinus cold which has affected my sense of smell?

Hello doctor, 2 months ago I suffered from a severe head sinus cold for 2 weeks. After which i felt fine, but I started to lose my sense of smell. It began slowly but now is continuing and I am worried. I saw a doctor who said I had nose polyps and inflammation. what do you recommend I do. I don’t want to no longer be able to smell!

Age: 35
Medications: None.

I was prescribed Klavox 1g twice a day to treat ear infection?

I was prescribed Klavox 1g twice a day to treat ear infection. After the second day of taking the ab, I started feeling discomfort in my stomach, gas, bloating and diarrhea. I consulted a Gastroenterologist who advised me to stop taking Klavox, and prescribed Flagyl 500ml three times a day. Now, the bowel movements are bearable, and I feel generally better. However, I am experiencing ear pain again. I don’t know what to do? Does that mean the ear infection is back in full force? I am so worried…

Age: 37
Medications: Omeprazole 20, Dogmatil 50

One of my tonsils is swollen i have some kind of white patches on the side of my tongue?

i was struggling with bulimia but then stopped, one of my tonsils is swollen i have some kind of white patches on the side of my tongue a little behind my teeth but only visible if i move my tongue to the side. what is happening? should i be worried?

Age: 21
Medications: none

I have bumps on the back of my throat and my tonsils seems to be swollen?

I recently noticed I have bumps on the back of my throat and my tonsils seems to be swollen and have signs of puss . The doctor took a strep throat test but it came back negative and never gave me any information further then that so I’m here for a second opinion. Sound I be worried/ concerned? What are the possibilities of it being.

Age: 19
Medications: None
General Information: Strep test taken negative result

(unpublished photos)

I am having trouble with nausea and light headedness?

I am having trouble with nausea and light hotheadedness. It’s not vertigo. I have been to a cardiologist and an ENT in the past week and a half. I was told I had an inner ear infection and was given ABT and flonase at urgent care. I have felt this way for over 2 weeks and nothing has helped. My forehead is slightly “puffy” above my right eye and the right side of my face is puffy. In the past month I had a tooth removed, went into Afib and had to go to the hospital, plus the inner ear fluid and infection. I need someone to tell me why this is not getting better. I have no sinus pain, and have used the neti pot, flonase, sinutab and vaporizer. I can’t eat bc of the nausea and lightheadedness. I am not dehydrated, my blood sugar is normal, my blood pressure is normal, I drink 64 oz of fluids a day, help!

Age: 32
Medications: Propranolol

I have sinus. Infections a lot and allergies. Had two sinus surgeries?

I am 45 female . I have sinus. Infections a lot and allergies. Had two sinus surgeries. Feel infection coming on now. I also have acid reflux. I take klonipin Effexor Prilosec Zyrtec and on antibiotics often. I do smoke . But my question is I do get oral thrush from using Flonase sometimes. I can see white spots on my uvula . Now I have a red uvula and don’t know if coming from antibiotics. Or sinus dripping or acid reflux or thrush. Constant tickle and cough in throat and itchy ears inside and blocked ears . Do you think it’s thrush coming from augmentin or from allergies or sinuses or acid reflux. Sinuses bad right now and allergies and reflux. ?????? I’ve been taking thrush pills Incase . Lozenges has from doctor before . And also take probiotic between the antibiotics during day

Age: 45
Medications: Effexor klonipin nac supplement probiotics Zyrtec Flonase
General Information: Didn’t know if itchy inside ears and sometimes white spots on uvula and red and itchy nose from antibiotics and too much in body or from sinuses allergies or acid reflux .

I have diagnosed eustachian tube dysfunction with tinnitus?

I have diagnosed eustachian tube dysfunction with tinnitus secondary to sinusitis x4 weeks. I’m on the 12th day of Amoxicillian with two more to go. I’m also now on Flonase and Zyrtec also. The allergy and infection systems are mostly gone, but my ears feel full and my hearing is muffled. When would be the appropriate time to test for fluid in my ears, and possible interconnecting to have them drained. My doc says this will clear up on its own over time but I’m not so sure.

Thank you.

Age: 70
Medications: Glypizide, metformin, lo dose asa

Is this strep throat or pharyngitis?

Is this strep throat or pharyngitis? I quit smoking but smoked about 4 last week with a friend out in the cold and I didn’t have a jacket. I also kissed someone who was coughing the day before (stupid I know). I ended up feeling sick on Saturday with a headache, a little nausea and a temp of 99. What do you think it could be? Helppp.

Age: 25
Medications: None

I’ve had this spot on my tongue for about a year?

Hi. I’m 20 years old and I’ve had this place on my tongue for about a year. I first thought it was an ulcer, but never thought anything about it as I pretty much forgot it was there. It has not gotten bigger or caused me any pain. It’s just there. I don’t have any other spots on my tongue at all. I was on prednisone last year for 4 months and got off of it in July. I started hydrochoroquine for an autoimmune disease in February along the steroids. I noticed the place in March or April. I stopped the hydrochloroquine in November because of a seizure. Found out I have epilepsy and am on lamotrogine. My blood has been tested several times so I don’t think it could be cancer or something seriously wrong. I have honestly forgotten to ask my doctor about this place until now. My medical bills are through the roof and I’d rather not go to the doctor for this place on my tongue. If you could please give me an opinion on what I should do for this, I would be thankful.

Age: 20
Medications: lamotrogine
General Information: No other symptoms. Adult Still’s Disease, Raynaud’s, POTS and Generalized Epilepsy

May have tonsils and my gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis, need second opinion?

Age: 27
Medications: Claritin-D
General Information: – Age : 27

– Sex: Male
– Height: 5’9″ (175.26 cm)
– Weight: 179 lbs (81.19 kg)
– Race: Caucasian/Hispanic Mix
– Duration of complaint: several months for tonsils; since yesterday for rectum

– Location (Geographic and on body): California; Mouth; Rectum

– Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): Possibly have Ulcerative Colitis
Current medications (if any): I take an antihistemine
Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example)

I really appreciate any medical advice given; I’ve been trying to get ahold of my primary for the past 3 days only to get the voicemail so I’m here trying to figure out what’s going on. Thank you for taking a look even if you aren’t able to leave a reply.

Picture of rectum (please note purple bumps towards the top and the big bump at the center right):


Picture of tonsils(to note, my last test for many stds revealed that I didn’t have anything. Have not had sex since then.):


I will be seeing my primary at some point but I’m here to see how severe it is and if there are any things I can be doing to lessen the issue. Thanks again for taking the time.

Other things to note:

– my last gastroenterologist thought I had ulcerative colitis but started to feel that he knew longer knew and referred me to Cedar Sinai so that they could figure it out. Unfortunately I can’t afford to go.

– I’ve had the tonsil issue since October 2017 got tested for stds and put on various antibiotics with no resolution.

– This bump(I first noticed it yesterday) seems to be a result of overeating last weekend(it was a cheat day; I have had a very strict 1400 calorie diet the other 6 days of the week for the past 2 months) that resulted in me having many bowel movements the following morning. I was curled up in the fetal position from the amount of bowel movements (for reference, I have a very high pain tolerance). I also had a butt plug in me for several hours two days ago.

Developed a rash just below right corner of mouth, Please advise?

Developed a rash just below right corner of mouth. It started out with small rough bumps. I put rubbing alcohol on it and it caused it to dry out and open up. There is a small amount of clear liquid that came out. My glands in the right side under my jaw are swollen and sore as well. The area of the rash has slight swelling as well. Also, the rash has a minor tingling sensation, but not sure if that could be the neosporin I put on it. Please advise.

Age: 42
Medications: Valsartan-hctz 160-12.5 mg
General Information: No