I am having trouble with nausea and light headedness?

I am having trouble with nausea and light hotheadedness. It’s not vertigo. I have been to a cardiologist and an ENT in the past week and a half. I was told I had an inner ear infection and was given ABT and flonase at urgent care. I have felt this way for over 2 weeks and nothing has helped. My forehead is slightly “puffy” above my right eye and the right side of my face is puffy. In the past month I had a tooth removed, went into Afib and had to go to the hospital, plus the inner ear fluid and infection. I need someone to tell me why this is not getting better. I have no sinus pain, and have used the neti pot, flonase, sinutab and vaporizer. I can’t eat bc of the nausea and lightheadedness. I am not dehydrated, my blood sugar is normal, my blood pressure is normal, I drink 64 oz of fluids a day, help!

Age: 32
Medications: Propranolol