Cold room temperatures give me headaches and migraines?

I am searching for the medical term or explanation to a condition that I got ever since the following happened:

I was renting for a couple of years a flat (in a relatively new development/house) from a landlord, who refused to fix anything in it, including the heating, which was not working at all (from the very beginning) all winter long.
(I live in Europe by the way)

I was forced to sleep in a room with cold air. And then would get up with horrible headaches and migraines, because of that.

The thing it, it is now already a couple of years after I no longer live in that place, but the health damage still remains!

I am now sensitive to any somewhat cold room temperature (I believe already anything below 25 degrees Celsius), and still get up with forehead pain if having slept in anything but a warm room.
It is always the forehead that aches afterwards.

Please could you advise me what this is, if there is any medical term for this (it’s not hypothermia is it?), and if there is anything I could do in order to reverse the permanent damage which was caused.
(I never before, prior to living in the said flat under the described conditions, suffered from this phenomenon)
It is very impairing and debilitating to me and I cannot have a normal life (without needing to worry about if a room is warm enough, and without suffering forehead pain) anymore due to this.

Thank you very much in advance for your help and advice.

I’ve had bad headaches/migraines for years. Most of the time they’re gone within a day or two but a few times it’s lasted a couple months?

I’ll start with some background.. I’ve had bad headaches/migraines for years. Most of the time they’re gone within a day or two but a few times it’s lasted a couple months. Most of the time laying down will help ease them, but occasionally even my head touching a pillow will cause the contacted area to throb intensely. I have not found anyone that has been able to explain why this is happening (the reason multiple doctors have gone with is its most likely caused from concussions when I was younger. But this is just background, honestly not looking for an answer to this but if there is one nobody has thought of that would be great.

About a year ago I was driving home from work and started feeling a sharp pain in my left arm. This spread to the left side of my torso and the left side of my face(all within a period of 30 minutes). I went to the doctor being nervous of a heart attack or stroke but was having neither. Over the course of a few weeks, this pain began spreading to different parts of my body. After a month or so of mri’s/ct scans/emg tests I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and began taking lyrica. It helped with the sharp stabbing pains but I still have constant pain all the time (I’d say 3-5 out of 10). This worked most of the time and I would take tramadol to help dull the pain when it got bad.
About a month ago I started to get a sharp pain between my shoulder blades, along with a bad migraine and pains in the back of my neck. A few rounds of Sumatriptan (for migraines) and Baclofen (muscle relaxer) helped ease the neck pain, but the pain between the shoulder blades is still there and I am getting sharp pains again in my hands/shoulders/lower back/lower legs and feet. I am getting numbness in my hands (mainly pinky/ring fingers) and in my feet. For the past week or so Ive been getting intense twitching in my hands. The neurology department at the hospital I’ve been going to wont look at anything until after 4 weeks of physical therapy.

Medications:Sumatriptan, Lyrica, Baclofen, Tramadol, Ibuprofen

I was diagnosed about 10+ years ago with intractable migraines?

I was diagnosed about 10+ years ago with intractable migraines. I go through periods of having daily migraines and then sometimes for awhile the migraines are less severe and less frequent.

Some of my migraines are more ‘traditional’ in terms of being painful/nausea/vomiting/blurred vision

Other times I have migraines that caused passing out, one sided vision loss, slurred speech, numbness down one side (I may have all or some of these symptoms). MRI has ruled out more serious causes.

Do you know anything of this type of migraine? Preventatives and such have failed. I don’t take pain medication for them or anything of that nature?

I have other conditions: Systemic Lupus, Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome and hypertension

Age:37 Female
Medications: Topamax, Gabapentin

15 year old always gets headaches, no one and nothing helps?

I am a 15 year old female, and I have been getting 6 headaches a day for going on 8 months. I have been to a neurologist who did a MRI and blood tests. The blood test was ANA positive but my DNA strand was fine. I then had a lumbar puncture and my protein was slightly high but my red blood cells were very high. I then went to a rheumatologist who said that it can’t be autoimmune. I went to an ENT who said it might be contact headaches and gave me a nose spray which didn’t work. The headaches are now increasing to about 7-8 a day and the intensity has stayed the same (lowest 5 and highest 9). I try to avoid taking pain killers. I usually try to either ignore it or sleep it off. The headaches are above my eyes so I had a eye test which was fine. I have tried exercising more, avoiding gluten, changing my sleep pattern etc. The only medication that worked to reduce the headaches was a epileptic tablet prescribed by the neurologist, this reduced it right down to 1 a day but I was taken off because one of the side effects was suicidal thoughts and my mom was scared that would happen to me. I am also not feeling any pain until long after I have been hurt. I have dizziness that has inched lasted from 6 AM to after 8PM. Please help because I can’t have more headaches.

I’m 17 years old, have a hard time breathing, chest hurts and painful migraines?

Hi my name is (…) and i am 17 years old. I’ve been having these episodes where I have a hard time breathing and my chest hurts, I also get very painful migraines . Then sometimes I have tunnel vision and i have to grab on to something weather i’m standing or sitting so i don’t fall over. Usually they only last for 10-15 seconds but recently the last time it happened it lasted about 5 minuets and my friend had to help me sit down at school. Also i haven’t been able to sleep because I jump in my sleep and it makes me up or I just can’t fall asleep and it takes a lot of out me because I have long days at school. lastly my appetite has just disappeared. I have hardly been eating because food makes me feel sick or nauseous. I’m not stressed because things are going well for me so i don’t think it’s stress. If anyone could give me an answer/diagnosis or a way to help my symptoms i will be so grateful.

Question: 15 year old has terrible migraines…taking loads of pills for years…

Writing this is very hard for me, especially since my situation is technically so commonplace, yet very strange. I began to deal with terrible headaches when I was 12 years old. I remember waking up in the middle of the night because of an acute pain I felt on the left side of my head and eye. Though, my parents put minor attention to it and gave my an aspirin. The headaches became constant and I started to get them every night; after that, it all became worse. I’m assuming it’s my fault, since I think I became addicted to the painkillers. I had headaches every single 3 hours. My parents decided to take me with a neurologist and he prescribed me Epival and some other medication I can’t recall. It really helped me with my headaches, but the medication was too expensive, so my father decided to cut the treatment after a year. He was against my dependence and felt like the best way to help was by ignoring my headaches. He even said I was faking the migraine and trying to seek attention. It didn’t help me, at all. It got worse. I began to vomit a lot, the headaches returned every hour, and I was depressive (I was 13 at the time). So as soon as I turned 14 years old, I began to self-medicate myself. It was/is a terrible idea. At first, it was minor analgesics, such as Tylenol. Though, I began to dose myself 1 Tylenol each hour. Because of this, I decided to use Advil or Aleve, but still dosed myself 1 pill each 4 to 5 hours. Then, I don’t remember why, but I switched to Galoflam. It’s embarrassing to say, but I spent almost $5,600 (Q700 in my currency) with this medication. This pills were okay, but the seller in a pharmacy recommended to my mom Dolo-Nervilan. This pills were the best so far! I only took 3 pills each day. Though, acne was a side effect due to the B12. My dermatologist told me to cut off the medication immediately. So I did and decided to try Avamigran. This helped for a week or so. I took like 4 or 5 pills each day. In addition, I was taking a pill of Cataflam to sleep at night. Though, yesterday, I woke up at 3AM with a mild headache. So I decided to take another Avamigran. Bad idea maybe? I woke up again at 4AM and this time I rushed to the bathroom because I had to vomit so badly. The vomit made my headache worse, so I persisted and took another Avamigran. This actions occurred two times again; one at 5AM and another one at 6AM. I kept taking a pill even after vomiting because I was afraid my body hadn’t really ingested the medication well to help. Avamigran wasn’t really helping, so I decided to switch to Galoflam again. I’m currently 15, soon to turn 16. I really need an advice or maybe a suggestion as to what I should or what can help me, even if anybody knows what is wrong me! I was reading that it might be rebound headaches due to the medicine intake. If it’s the case, please tell me so and please please tell me what I should do. I know you shouldn’t ask for any medical advice or prescription, but I’m underage and my parents won’t support me or even help me.