15 year old always gets headaches, no one and nothing helps?

I am a 15 year old female, and I have been getting 6 headaches a day for going on 8 months. I have been to a neurologist who did a MRI and blood tests. The blood test was ANA positive but my DNA strand was fine. I then had a lumbar puncture and my protein was slightly high but my red blood cells were very high. I then went to a rheumatologist who said that it can’t be autoimmune. I went to an ENT who said it might be contact headaches and gave me a nose spray which didn’t work. The headaches are now increasing to about 7-8 a day and the intensity has stayed the same (lowest 5 and highest 9). I try to avoid taking pain killers. I usually try to either ignore it or sleep it off. The headaches are above my eyes so I had a eye test which was fine. I have tried exercising more, avoiding gluten, changing my sleep pattern etc. The only medication that worked to reduce the headaches was a epileptic tablet prescribed by the neurologist, this reduced it right down to 1 a day but I was taken off because one of the side effects was suicidal thoughts and my mom was scared that would happen to me. I am also not feeling any pain until long after I have been hurt. I have dizziness that has inched lasted from 6 AM to after 8PM. Please help because I can’t have more headaches.

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