I have been having headaches for about 4 to 5 years?

Question: I have been having headaches for about 4 to 5 years. The headaches will last sometimes all day and sometimes 2 to 3 hours. I don’t have any other symptoms when I have these headaches. But a few days ago while having a headache I vomited as well. I take a flexon tablet when I get a headache. What should I do?  And is Flexon good for headaches?

Answer: Hello. I suggest you get an an MRI brain scan done and also get an ophthalmic examination to identify intraocular pressure and fundus examination to rule out papilledema. As far as taking Flexon is concerned, Naproxen can also be a good choice.


Dr. Beverly Lewis

Doctor Beverly Lewis


Can I stop my epilepsy medication? Haven’t had a seizure in over 6 years.

Question: Can I stop my epilepsy medication? I have been diagnosed with epilepsy 8 years ago and been put on Lamictal for awhile and then Epilim. But the meds are making me miserable feeling anger,anxiety and depression. I haven’t had a seizure in over 6 years. Can I stop the meds?

Answer: Hi. I understand that the medication may be affecting you. However you will need to consult with your Doctor before doing any modification whatsoever. You will need to undergo MRI Brain (plain and contrast) with MRA, MRV, MRS and whole spine screening and EEG. If results are normal, the drugs can be tapered and eventually eliminated. Until then I recommend you continue as is.

Dr. Deepak Patel

I have lost some sensation in my feet, feeling numbness and tingling sensation?

I have had severe problems with tingling in my feet. It began in my right foot and later moved on to my left foot. I also have a little numbness sensation. Feels very painful especially during the evening. It seems to get worse then. Feels like pins and needles, tingling, and some slight burning pain. What can it be?

Age: 33
Medications: Advil

I have a constant pain in my right groin area which radiates to my inner thigh?

I have a constant pain in my right groin area which radiates to my inner thigh to my knee as a shooting pain. The groin is sensitive when I touch. This pain exists since 3 years. Over the years the pain has increased and extended around my hip and lower back. My kidney, bowel, bladder ,ovaries basically everything was checked ,but they could not find anything. I was only diagnosed with endometriosis at the beginning of these years. On an MRI 3 lymph nodes are visible (actually where the pain is comming from) all are around 10-12mm.
My question is that if these lymph nodes (or 1 of them) can cause the pain like pushing a nerve or something? How my groin can be examined to be able to know that the lymph nodes are ok and if any of them causing the pain? Is it possible to see if any of them effected by the endometriosis ?

Age: 37
Medications: –

Chronic pain and tingling sensation in both legs, please advise?

I am a 23 year old female with chronic pain and tingling sensation in both legs accompanied by issues with urinating. I have had to urinate multiple times in just a short 30 minutes…some times i feel like i can’t empty my bladder. My legs have been hurting for about 6 months. They hurt all day every day and even wake me up during the night. I can’t find relief with anything…please help.

Age: 23
Medications: Synthroid, zoloft
General Information: Saw a doctor and had xrays done. Went to an ER one time because the pain was radiating to my abdomin and back..urgent care said there was blood in my urine and figured I was having a kidney stone. They gave me a shot of muscle relaxer which did not help and sent me to the ER for a CT and they refused to do one.

Can a frostbite injury be related to hypertension, diabetes or renal disease?

Link (or show a connection to produce health related causation, to include a more than likely than not opinion), between bilateral lower extremity frostbite injury (including peripheral neuropathy of the lower extremities with loss of use of the feet), to hypertension and/or diabetes, to renal disease.

Age: 41
Medications: na
General Information: na

I have headaches that last between 1 to 2 days?

I get headaches that last between 1 to 2 days. I have had theses headaches on an off for a year or more. They seem to get worse now. I have no other problems or pain anywhere, no eye problems, except pain in sinuses and top of face, cheeks and sometimes feel throbbing pain in ears when I get the headaches. I tried sinus medications but it doesn’t help. What do you recommend

Age: 26
Medications: Sinus meds and tylenol

MRI shows subcortical vessel disease (SVD), is this vascular dementia and what does this mean?

My mom recently had an MRI done to check for inner ear issues. Nothing was found…..with that. However, the MRI showed “mild to moderate subcortical vessel disease (SVD)”. What does this mean? I’ve tried to do some reading online. Does this mean she has vascular dementia? Or any kind of dementia? She has symptoms of, mood changes, saying inappropriate things (like just coming across as rude), repeating the same story 2 or 3 times within a 48 hour period, gait changes…smaller stride, urinary incontinence, dizziness like feel all of the time.She’s healthy otherwise no diabetes, she did have a slightly high blood pressure but has been on medication for years. So, does she only have SVD? From the way I read it online, because she has those symptoms, she has the type of dementia that goes with SVD. I can’t get her to a neurologist until late February and I am very worried about her. Please help.

Mom’s age is 76
Medications: None

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right shoulder, after 2 weeks still have pain?

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right shoulder blade in my back, next day had same pain but pain also started in up part of the back of arm and that evening, I could not grip with my thump and index finger, dropped coffee cup, and lower arm up from pinky finger is numb. Two weeks later still have bad pain under shoulder blade in back and in back of upper arm. I am a Diabetic, A1c is 7.3 and I take high blood pressure meds and have a sluggish thyroid I take meds for.

Age: 59
Medications: Blood pressure meds, victoza insulin, humalig insulin at meals if blood sugar is over 150, sertraline, acrid,
General Information: No

I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu, is it Aura or Epilepsy?

Hi I just need an opinion, the neurologist suggested amitriptyline or Sodium Valproate. She said either option would be fine. I’m on 150 mg zoloft so would need to be on a very low dose of either. The migraines are most likely related to my period so I’m also on the mini pill (cerazette), I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu but they ruled out epilepsy and just said it’s aura.I’m nervous about trying meds. I tried propranolol but it made me depressed and didn’t work.

Age: 23
Medications: zoloft, ritalin, cerazette

I am having memory problems, can it be a disease or medical problem?

i am 28 yrs old, i am male. I had a good memory few year ago, but nowdays i can memorize nothing, when i try to understand or read something i feel like my mind has blocked from mid of head, i cannot do a work for long time or can say i cannot concentrate for long time. it is happening with me from last 4 years.. i have remember all my memory of childhood or till 2011. after that i haven’t remember. whenever i want to study its like i am reading only not understanding. i want to ask is it any type of disease or else

Age: 28
Medications: no

I suffer from irregular heartbeats, severe headache in back side of head..a state of fear?

My name is (…) my age is 21 years..my weight is 48 kgs..From few weeks i experience something strange ..suddenly irregular heartbeats,severe headache in back side of head..a state of fear.hot face and ears.i want to cry that time..weakness.i have fear of death..but after sometime i get fine

Age: 21
Medications: nothing

I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear and vision in left eye, is it a brain tumor?

I believe I have a possible head tumor. About a year ago I was experiencing buzzing in both of my ears that would only last a seconds. It would happen just a couple times a month. Then the buzzing became longer periods & was happening more often. Then it eventually became a constant buzzing in only my left ear. I have lost most of my hearing in my left ear. This hearing loss has happened within the last 4 months. I also have had my vision in my left eye intercepted by by whatever is causing the buzzing in my left ear. With thin the same 4 months, I can not see very well in the Left eye. It’s very blurry. Even if I put something close to my face, I still can not see things clearly. The buzzing is constantly going on from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.

Medications: None

I feel stunned and mentally drained, should I get an MRI?

I’m having this symptom everytime i’m talking for a time with friends or anyone. I feel stunned and mentally drained, it’s really bad. It’s not the tipical “feeling tired after hanging out” it’s something worse. I noticed that if i take a asprin before hanging out, it doesn’t happen at all or just slightly. So yeah, everytime i have to hang out with friends, i must take an aspirin to prevent this to happen. I also got this symptom trying to sing a song in my car and after taking several breaths. Yeah, after singing for a minute and taking breaths, boom i get this symptom (brain stunned and drained/tired) I really don’t know what’s going on, never had something like this before. I also noticed that if i drink something with sugar/caffein i feel slighty better. Has it something to do with brain oxygenation? I readt something about it and the symptoms are similiar. I suffered from long stress. Is it causing this? Someone suggested me to do a magnetic resonance. I really need to know what’s going on, i don’t think it’s right to take an aspirin everytime i have to hang out. Looks like “talking” causes it.
Medications: Nothing.

I get a headache when I concentrate for a long period of time?

I get headaches when I have to read something complex or long,memorize anything ,talk to more than one person or group of people ,try to study , even when to talk with someone in important issue.
when I know someone is going to tell me something that is important that I remember, I get an uncomfortable headache.
My biggest problem in exam period , It’s torture to study for days and try to concentrate and memorize things and on exam day it’s painful to recall things.
Medications: None