I suffer from irregular heartbeats, severe headache in back side of head..a state of fear?

My name is (…) my age is 21 years..my weight is 48 kgs..From few weeks i experience something strange ..suddenly irregular heartbeats,severe headache in back side of head..a state of fear.hot face and ears.i want to cry that time..weakness.i have fear of death..but after sometime i get fine

Age: 21
Medications: nothing

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Ayman Darrag
9:18 am

You are suffering anxiety and to some extent , panic attacks..
You should start reducing your fears by practicing yoga and meditation ..
Breathing exercises…try a lot..
If you could not… see a psychiatrist.

Ahmed Fawzy
5:09 pm

Check for hyperthyroidism + weak shoulder neck muscles , also this may be only stress
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
12:26 am

Hi .
It is pointing towards anxiety causing Panic attack.
Start doing sleep breathing exercises and yoga..
If the problem worsen consult a Psychologist and get evaluated..