Can a small pigmented spot on the head of a penis be a sign of a medical problem?

Hello! I’ve been suffering from health anxiety lately, primarily focused on the skin (I’m currently on an SSRI and am in therapy). This question actually pertains to my son, who is 19 years old, and a small pigmented spot I recall seeing on the head of his penis back at an early age when he was in diapers and pull-ups. It was a very small and lightly pigmented spot resembling a freckle and the pediatrician never expressed a concern over it when I pointed it out. Unfortunately, the thought of it entered my mind again during a current flare of health anxiety, worrying about what it may look like now (for all I know it could be tiny or have disappeared). I took my son to a dermatologist for a skin screening a few months ago, but that area was never checked. For obvious reasons, it would be difficult for me to bring the topic up to my son and ask him what it looks like. I guess I’m just reaching out for any reassurances that I’m overthinking this and that having a spot in that location is not extraordinarily rare. Please don’t suggest taking him to a doctor for it to be checked, as I simply cannot bring up the topic with him and do that, and that suggestion would just heighten my anxiety. Thanks for your input and any reassurances which you may be able to provide!!

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Ayman Darrag
6:32 pm

In my opinion you do not have to worry about it, it is nothing at all unless it is changing color, size, becomes scaly..
Otherwise never mind about it.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:05 pm

You can simply tell him that you used to seeing it and that doctors told you to notice any changes in size (I mean quick changes like double in few month)
My opinion. It is probably nothing
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
5:05 am

It simply looks like an outcome of your anxiety..
I understand that you can’t raise the topic.
Just make him aware another way saying that if you have any pigmentation or mole anywhere and if it changes colour, shape size etc, you should see a doctor..
He is grown up man now and you need not to worry as of there would be anything wrong noticed by him, he would definitely have got it checked..
So just relax..


12:30 pm

Hello…just wanted to thank all of the doctors for your kind and reassuring responses. I couldn’t do it in person, so I texted my son and essentially just said (he knows I suffer from health anxiety focused on skin issues) that I recall him having a small freckle near the tip of his penis when he was very young and I just wanted to know whether it’s still there or has changed at all. His response was simply: “No…please stop”. I can certainly understand that he was probably “mortified” by menasking the question, but I guess I’ll take he response… Read more »