I have had traces of blood in my urine, but blood tests are ok?

Hi i have had traces of blood in my urine when doctors do the dip test they say every time there is blood.but when they send it of it comes back as normal and i am in so much pain with left side of my back going into my tummy i cant even stand can this be connected as really worried and have 3 kids to look after

Age: 30
Medications: Neflex and codine

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Ayman Darrag
6:28 pm

In my opinion you should get kidey ultrasonography ..possibility of kidney stones .

Ahmed Fawzy
9:01 pm

This seems like kidney or urethra stone that cause laceration that cause ocassonaly bleeding, I recommend doing an ultrasongraphy to confirm
In your urine test did you have high calcium oxalates?

Dr.Honey Arora
4:59 am

Blood in urine can be due to kidney stones, severe Infection etc.
Get a renal ultrasound and urine culture done for confirmation.

Regards .