I had electrocautery to remove genital warts, should my partner do the same?

I had undergone electrocautery for genital warts some weeks ago and have follow ups as well. As of now my Dr said that my wounds from the surgery have healed good and also just had my pap smear results and it was negative or normal however suggestive of bacterial vaginosis. I am currently on antibiotics for bv. My concern is the Dr doesn’t want me having sex with my partner who still has genital warts. The Dr is also intent on doing the electrocautery for my partner too but i think he is hesitant. My question is if my partner chose not to do the surgery, will i get genital warts again? Are we just going to pass it to each other back and forth? Please help…

Age: 29
Medications: Metronidazole vaginal suppository

I had a vasectomy now have blood in my semen (seminal fluid), will it stop?

I am 65 yr old i had a vasectomy 40 years ago. And about 3 yr ago I had blood in the semen. A urologist gave me Procar 5 mg and it slowly stoped after 2 1/2 years. Then it was just a small amount of clear flood, and now it has a tint of red in the flood. I did not think the Doctor took it very seriously. Will it just go away in time? thank you.

Age: 65
Medications: Tramidal for R L, lycenipril for bd.

I have ED issues and experience pain during orgasm?

I have ED issues, cannot get fully erect.
I have blood pressure issues and m on medication for it but I slowly started having erection issues. before I was on the medication.

I can come to an orgasm of sorts but when I do I have pain in my inner thighs at the time of orgasm.
The pain goes away in a second or 2.

Is there anything I can do or a medication available to help with the pain at orgasm?
As far as the ED I have tried the common pills from my doctor, viagra, cilalis, etc they works somewhat at first but got to where they no longer do. If there is a treatment for that I would be happy but at the least I would like to not have pain at orgasm.
I eject no semen by the way, Is it “going the wrong way”?

Age: 59
Medications: Tresiba – metformin – Glemepiride – asprin – atorvastatin – lisinapril – carvedilol – gabapentin

My son broke his tibia and fibula, is it safe to manually manipulate the fragment in place by hand?

My son recently broke his tibia and fibula in the lower part of his leg requiring extensive surgery that included utilization of steel plating and several screws. Afterwards, upon reviewing his post op x-rays, it was discovered that a large splinter from the back side of his fibula had separated from the main bone and was in essence floating in the surrounding tissue (see attached). In response to our concerns regarding the same, my son’s followup physician has advised him to manually manipulate the fragment in place by hand. Our concern is that doing so could possibly result in further damage to the surrounding tissue and prevent fusion to the main bone. Is this really a safe and soundly establish practice in regard to such injuries, or should we be considering looking for a second opinion?

I suffer from pain in upper left side of the mandibular, what is causing this?

Please can you tell me what is that ” like a circle formation” on the RTG picture attached .
I am 55 years old female .,i feel some discomfort and pain in the upper part of the left side of the mandibular.
Can you tell me what do you see on the RTG image ?

Age: 55
Medications: Metformin
General Information: I am diabetic taking metformin

Failed In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), does HSG confirm tubal disconnection?

A case of bilateral hydrosalpinx , did tubal disconnection followed by failed trial of In vitro fertilisation (IVF).
After 4 months , hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to confirm the tubal disconnection and here the image .
I would like an advice from a radiologist.
Thanks so much.
Female 36 years
a case of infertility

Age: 36
Medications: nothing

Mononucleosis Test shows EBNA antibodies, is it mono or some other infection?

Earlier this week, I went to the doctor for a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue. The monospot test came back negative. The EBV test came back as positive for VCA-IgG (57.4), positive for VCA-IgM (44.4),negative for EARLY AG (<5),and positive for EBNA (217). My doctor thinks that I am experiencing an acute infection of mono that I was recently infected with since I was positive for the IgM antibody, however, EBNA antibodies are not supposed to appear during an acute infection and actually arent supposed to show up until months after… Could this mean it was a previous mono infection that has been reactivated? Could the presence of IgM antibodies indicate some other viral infection or disease other than mono?

Age: 20
Medications: none
General Information: I have been experiencing fatigue for about a year and every time I have seen a doctor this past year they have commented about my lymph nodes being swollen.

I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu, is it Aura or Epilepsy?

Hi I just need an opinion, the neurologist suggested amitriptyline or Sodium Valproate. She said either option would be fine. I’m on 150 mg zoloft so would need to be on a very low dose of either. The migraines are most likely related to my period so I’m also on the mini pill (cerazette), I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu but they ruled out epilepsy and just said it’s aura.I’m nervous about trying meds. I tried propranolol but it made me depressed and didn’t work.

Age: 23
Medications: zoloft, ritalin, cerazette

I have an intermittent low hum in my right ear, please advise?

I have an intermittent low hum in my right ear only. It sometimes goes ‘on and off’ when I turn my head from side to side. It also sometimes starts if I press around my earlobe area. Sometimes it is in synch with my heartbeat and other times it is just a continuous hum. I have had my ear checked and my wax is normal levels and there is no damage to my eardrum. I am 49 yr old male.

Age: 49
Medications: Loperamide

I suffer from serious digestive problems, nothing seems to work, need advice?

have ibs dyspepsia heartburn delayed emptying lactose intolerance gluten allergy been for all tests tried all meds otc prescription changed diet always getting worse am a shutin affecting my independence have stomach cramps bloating for 2 mths am taking cholesterol pill not that trazadone carbamazepine divalproex loxapine precacid cipralex. domperidone tried going without what condition does ongoing stomach cramps bloating sickness digestive problems point to.

Age: 39
Medications: loxapine divalproex cipralex carbamazepine precacid domeridone cholestererol med
General Information: been through all tests not side effects of meds. have prediebetes am overweight.

I have been feeling weak, lightheaded,headache,confused, dry mouth, sleepy all the time?

Hi I was released from work 4 months a go and for last 3 month I have been feeling weak, lightheaded,headache,confused, dry mouth, sleepy all the time, I feel like I’m always thinks when I am sleeping, unable to concentrate in my new Job.
I have been to my gp and done blood test everything was good fine part from low platelets 132 but the doctors said that’s not the problem and everything is ok but I am still having theses symptoms and it effecting me every day

Age: 22
Medications: None

Hepatitis B serology results, am I infectious?

Hello, I have a question about my hep b serology results. I was under the impression I have a chronic infect but the results are confusing to me as they indicate that I am immune and that I have cleared a past infection.

HBsAg: negative
HBsAb: 140 IU/L
HBcAb: positive

I have done research into the interpretation of
These results and I’m lead to believe that the presence of HBsAb and a negative HBsAg shows I am immune and that I cannot infect others with the disease.

My GP said that I am immune but couldn’t tell me if
I was a chronic sufferer and if I was infectious.

Any help would be appreciated.


Age: 35
Medications: None

Muscle biopsy results show both autoimmune process and genetic muscle disease, please advise?

I have a muscle biopsy result and my doctor told me that the biopsy confirmed elements of both autoimmune process and genetic muscle disease, I do not know what it is the kind of the genetic muscle disease? I need help. The biopsy states that I have a mild necrotizing myopathy with rare small groups of degenerating and regenerating myofibers and increased MHC-1 staining. In addition, there is mild type 2 fiber atrophy. MAD and PFK staining is present.

Age: 24
Medications: No
General Information: Ck elevation

I had a cardiac catheter ablation last week , I had another SVT episode, should I be worried?

Last Friday I had a cardiac catheter ablation to get rid of my SVT. The doctors successfully found the problem area and they told me they were able to get rid of it. Today (Thursday, almost one week later) I had another SVT episode when I was babysitting. It lasted for about 40 seconds and it wasn’t as bad as usual but it was SVT. Should I be worried that they didn’t get it or is this maybe just a side effect of the surgery or maybe the tissue isn’t healed or something like that.

Age: 25
Medications: CBD pills for anxiety
General Information: Nothing other than I’ve had SVT for 3 years now and it’s been exactly 1 week since I had the surgery.

I have numerous small stones, is removing gallbladder necessary?

Hello, please advise:
1) if removal of gallbladder (which has numerous small stones between 2-5 mm and 4-5 stones with the sizes of 8-16 mm) may cause a cancer of duodenum, or small intestine or any intestine in the future?

2) would you recommend removing gallbladder with such stones (described above) or keeping such gallbladder?

3) would keeping such gallbladder (as described above) cause cancer?

Thank you.

Age: 45
Medications: none