CT scans show enlarged spleen and enlarged axillary and chest lymph nodes?

I know you cna’t really diagnose someone without seeing them, but I am really worried.

I have recently had two CT scans, and they showed i have an enlarged spleen and enlarged axillary and chest lymph nodes. I’m also getting heavy night sweats ( int he day now too), and have lost a lot of weight. I’ve also developed reynauld’s phenomenon in the past year ( I’m 46 and nave had it before).

I had some blood work done, and my c-reative protein level was high, my WBC and Lymph
values were low. I’m tired all the time ( not sleepy, just tired)

I recently had a biopsy for lymphoma ( am waiting for the results), but I was wondering what else can cause these types of symptoms. As I was adopted, I don’t know my parent’s medical history, but two of my three childrne have autoimmune issues ( finbromyalgia and autoimmune ion channelopathy in nerve cells).

Any input would be appreciated.

Age: 46
Medications: none
General Information: yes…she scheduled a biposy for lymphoma

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. Lymphoma is a possibility and correctly should be tested. There could be several other possibilities. I would check for mononucleosis and lupus which is an autoimmune disease. Tests: Mono test and ANA test. Thank you for your question