Back pain on off for couple of years. Gristle feeling along lumber spine?

I have had back pain on off for couple of years. Gristle feeling along lumber spine. Saw chiro recently….he thinks disc bulge? I get restless legs…tingly feeling in back thigh to feet at times…walking feels heavy. It can feel like my back goes into spasm….I have a sitting job. Shooting and tingly pain in arms at times too. Your thoughts? Got xray yr ago. No MRI though. Just concerned.

Age: 27
Medications: Valium when needed. Multivitamin.
General Information: Hereditary Spherocyctisis. No gallbladder.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
2:09 am

An MRI is recommended to check spine and confirm if you have a Bulging disc problem. In my opinion you may also be suffering from a postural dysfunction. Which would explain the symptoms you experience…tingly feeling…spasm…walking heavy, etc. A physical therapist can help correct your posture, establish a healthy cervical curve and reduce pain. Physical hands-on adjustments as well as follow up exercise, strengthening and movement re-training will help.

Dr.Honey Arora
4:54 am

Thanks for the query..

The problem is most probably due to long sitting hours..

However you need to get an MRI of your spine done to check for any abnormalities of disturbed shape due to long sitting hours..

Also let me know your weight and if you have any medical history?

You can be advised Physiotherapy and daily yoga and meditation..

Also weight loss if you are overweight and strength training can help in improvement..

Hope this helps..


Original Poster
Original Poster
5:50 pm

I’m 180cm tall. 58kg in weight.