Suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months, I thought I had throat cancer?

So i have been suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months. So i thought i had throat cancer. I have become mentally unwell thinking about it. I went to my ent who did a full exam and scoped my throat. Then i had a upper endoscopy and mri. Followed by a barium swallow. Nothing has been shown. So i have pulling my tongue out and pushing my tongue to the side to look with a flash light. I never see anything but by stretching out my tongue the pain goes away for hours and comes back. I think i have ocd. So i have health anxiety. I think they missed my cancer. What should i do? I am 34 y/0 male don’t drink but used to chew.

Age: 34
Medications: Prontonx and lexapro

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
1:04 am

Throat cancer would have showed up in Endoscopy, MRI and Barium Swallow. So it isn’t throat cancer. A “lump” feeling could be caused by GERD – Gastroesophageal reflux disease – but that too should have showed up in Barium swallow. Any related esophagus problem would also have showed up with tests. In my opinion you could be experiencing a Globus Sensation, which is a feeling of having a lump in the throat when in fact there is nothing there. In your case Globus Sensation is probably due to stress and anxiety. Treating stress and anxiety is best done with life… Read more »

Original Poster
Original Poster
1:12 am

Would have it have shown up if i had tongue cancer at the base of my tongue? I made the mistake of reading missed diagnosis threads on line. I am trying to let this go and live a normal life.

Dr. Javez Ernesto
2:39 am

Yes, your ENT would have seen a lump or sore, you would also have experienced other symptoms – coughing (possible blood), voice change, sore throat, ear pain, weight loss.

Original Poster
Original Poster
3:26 am

I do have ear pain and throat hurts when i talk loud. I have a feeling its from me self checking my tongue and throat by forcing my tongue out and all that making it hurt more. Or from gerd and i do have it. I was just making sure someone on out side looking in didnt think that my 3 doctors didnt miss seeing it. I know its unrational.

Dr.Honey Arora
4:50 am

Hi.. First of all I would like to make a clear note to you that although reading for diseases online is not bad but as a non-medico does not know everything about the symptoms that he is facing, so it becomes unfortunate that you see a weird or a grave disease name and immediately get worried that you are suffering from it. So, just relax, everything is not cancer. Secondly the number of tests that you have undergone are enough that would have definitely ruled out if there would be anything serious or grave. It looks simply anxiety that is… Read more »

Original Poster
Original Poster
1:49 am

Thanks for the help you two! Its funny i get the answers i want to hear but i still am here wondering about the pain. I did have heart burn the last couple days. Can feel it in my throat and mouth. I am going to not look in my mouth and not pull my tongue out for a couple days and see if it gets better the pain came and went today but i didnt check. I sent my ent a message and got no response i am guessing she is tired of it.