I am concerned about having 2 polyps – a benign at 5 mm and a 10 mm Precancerous sessile serrated adenoma polyp?

I am a 65 year old female who just had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago,  They found 2 polyps, one of which is benign at 5 mm.
The concerning one is 10 mm Precancerous sessile serrated adenoma polyp which was removed.  I read that this type is very serious and is a precursor to colon cancer.  It seems to act differently than most polyps in that it has a different molecular structure that is malignant?
I understand that there is a higher chance of getting colon cancer even if the polyps are always removed.  Is this the case.
Also, when should I have the next colonoscopy?   Any preventative measures?
My dr. is out of town on vacation and I am extremely nervous and worried about this.
Any assistance you can give me is well appreciated…Truth always helps so I can be prepared and ready to monitor etc.
Thank you,


Doctor Answer:

The 10mm polyp is a premalignant lesion of the colon so its not the sign of
cancer but of malignancy, results of biopsy and evaluating the surgeon’s notes are important to understand the risks, whether there is cancer and more aggressive treatments, if any,  are needed. This type of polyp is a little more difficult to deal with, BUT If the polyp was COMPLETELY removed during the procedure and there are no additional elements, just regular follow up colonoscopies will be required 0 the first within a couple of months. Please follow the advice of your Doctor and Oncologist.

Below is a more comprehensive answer.


A sessile serrated adenoma (SSA) is a premalignant flat (or sessile) lesion of the colon,
predominantly seen in the cecum and ascending colon.
SSAs are thought to lead to colorectal cancer through the (alternate) serrated pathway. This
differs from most colorectal cancer, which arises from mutations starting with inactivation of
the APC gene.


Complete removal of a SSA is considered curative.
Several SSAs confer a higher risk of subsequently finding colorectal cancer and warrant more
frequent surveillance. The surveillance guidelines are the same as for other colonic
adenomas. The surveillance interval is dependent on ;
(1) the number of adenomas,
(2) the size of the adenomas, and
(3) the presence of high-grade microscopic features.
Prevention strategy
The usual approach to primary prevention of CRC or neoplastic colorectal polyps is to alter
modifiable risk factors as well as utilize effective nutritional or chemopreventive agents.
While tobacco use is associated with the presence of SSPs, there is relatively little else
known about the primary prevention of SSPs.
The focus of secondary prevention is on high quality surveillance colonoscopy, complete
eradication of SSPs is finally on improving our recognition and understanding of SPS.


Is back pain, discomfort or soreness a common sign that shows lung cancer?

Hello there doctors, I am a 31 year old woman, and I experience pain in my back. I need to find out know about the possible connection of back pain to lung cancer and if it is a cause of lung cancer. My family history has zero signs of cancer.I do not smoke and have not done so for over 16 years. No real vices – no alcohol – tobacco gum – no drugs, weed or any thing else!!! Rarely eat junk food. rarely go out to restaurants and when I do its good expensive ones. Veggies and fruit and fish is my thing . No meat Little fatty stuff. I am slightly overweight but do exercise every so often. I have been suffering from mostly upper back pain for awhile and do suffer from Vitamin D deficiency which I am now addressing with D supplements Lately the pain has become more severe in the last few days Most often it arises near the center slightly to the right side of the back. There is no coughing symptoms no breathing problems no loss of appetite no fatigue or lack of energy. No pain while breathing or at night when sleeping or lying down. I do have sinus issues which were examined by an Otorhinolaryngology specialist who said it was just drip problems. Is back discomfort a common symptom associated with lung cancer? And what stage does that} usually happen? Exactly what are the probabilities my getting lung cancer if I have back pain?

Age 31
Medications: Vit D

After the colonoscopy, I was assured that although it needs to be done again, they couldn’t see anything?


My sister (42) was diagnosed with rectal cancer.

I also had seen maroon red blood in the bowl, and my blood test result came back saying I have anaemia which later was said to be due to my thalassemia trait.

I had a colonoscopy done in October, and the scope reached to the ilium. However, I still had hard stool on the left, right and sigmoid colon, so I was asked to do it again.

I waited for the appointment which finally arrived with two days notice the day I was going holiday which had to be cancelled. I just received my next appointment in two weeks time.

After the colonoscopy, I was assured that although it needs to be done again, they couldn’t see anything.

1. I wanted to ask if thalassemia can be mistaken for iron deficiency anaemia which is one of the signs of colon cancer
2. I understand you can’t say for sure, but how likely is it that someone can miss cancer due to the hard stool as it would be raised? Also, it entered all the way going past the transverse colon.

Please answer in many details as I’m really worried. Are there any other tests I could do faster or to avoid another colonoscopy?

Thank you in advance

Age: 38
Medications: None

I had an underlying cancer of some sort that metastasize into my lymph node but was unaware of it?

Hi, I thought I felt a lymph node under my left arm about a month ago – I’ve been checking it routinely and nothing seems to change, as a matter fact I’m not always sure that I even feel it. I’m healthy otherwise, don’t feel pain, no loss of appetite, no weight loss and no fatigue. My concern is that maybe I had an underlying cancer of some sort that metastasize into my lymph node but was in aware of it. I know this is a big jump to conclusions but that’s what I get for reading online. I do have a physical coming up on the 25th but I’m struggling with worry and wanted another opinion. Would I have signs if it were cancer other than little bit of a swollen lip though? I know this can be caused by other things but it’s been a while and again I can barely feel it . Thank you,

Age: 53
Medications: None
General Information: I’ve been pretty healthy most of my life, good blood work, etc. At 50 years old I had my first colonoscopy and had two small polyps. One was normal, the other was precancerous. They were very small and removed. Other than that I feel healthy

I was told I have AML and need treatment?

i collapsed whilst away my father paid for me to see a doctor they took blood they came back with concerns i was admitted and a bone marrow aspira was done this came back they then said to me i had aml and needed induction treatment i scared so left the hospital and returned home (–) i have not told anyone about this but have had the copies sent thru post of reports are they right in saying i need treatment please docs are enclosed in attachment

gapathein 300mg 3 times dy amitripaline 10mg night ensures plus drinks niephin gluosophane

I had a Hysterectomy over 7 years ago, can it be ovarian cancer?

I am 39 years old. I had a Hysterectomy over 7 years ago. My uterus and all of cervix was removed and ovaries left behind. I had this because of two reasons 1:) major issues with heavy pain and bleeding. Then… 2.) I was do with severe high grade precancerous cells which ended up being the decideibg factor for doc to do the procedure. For well over 6months I have had various issues… increased urination, abdominal pain and bloating. Severe unintentional weight loss (30+pounds in 6 months. Nausea, feel full after eating, not much of an appetite. Occasional pain during sex. (Just started) and SEVERE lower back pain that’s comes and goes and length of time it last varies from each episode to on and off a couple hours to several days of constant lower back pain that brings me to tears at times. My question is: could this be ovarian cancer?
Nothing u can tell me that can be any scarier than the internet itself, so please just be completely honest and forth coming.

Age: 39
Medications: Norvasc

Suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months, I thought I had throat cancer?

So i have been suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months. So i thought i had throat cancer. I have become mentally unwell thinking about it. I went to my ent who did a full exam and scoped my throat. Then i had a upper endoscopy and mri. Followed by a barium swallow. Nothing has been shown. So i have pulling my tongue out and pushing my tongue to the side to look with a flash light. I never see anything but by stretching out my tongue the pain goes away for hours and comes back. I think i have ocd. So i have health anxiety. I think they missed my cancer. What should i do? I am 34 y/0 male don’t drink but used to chew.

Age: 34
Medications: Prontonx and lexapro

I have blood in my urine, is it cancer?

Two and a half weeks ago I had a day where my urine was dark red/brown. I put this down to too much black coffee as it always makes me need to urinate much more often. I even thought it could be the coffee passing through me. This continued for a few days and then became normal one time and coloured the next. This is how it continued until during the last few days it became more blood coloured more often, but my doctor had started me on Rivaroxaban because I have intermittent AF and one of the common side effects is blood in the urine. Today, for example from first thing in the morning my urine was clear, bloody, clear, clear and then bloody, bloody and clear.
Having seen a bloody urine sample and tested it today my doctor has referred me as urgent to the hospital for tests.
I have googled it and found with bladder cancer it is quite usual for the urine to fluctuate, being bloody one time and not the next.
Are my chances of having cancer great? Unfortunately I am 65 and have smoked all my life albeit less then 10 a day.
Thank you

Age: 65
Medications: Rivaroxaban and Citalopram both 20mg