I had an underlying cancer of some sort that metastasize into my lymph node but was unaware of it?

Hi, I thought I felt a lymph node under my left arm about a month ago – I’ve been checking it routinely and nothing seems to change, as a matter fact I’m not always sure that I even feel it. I’m healthy otherwise, don’t feel pain, no loss of appetite, no weight loss and no fatigue. My concern is that maybe I had an underlying cancer of some sort that metastasize into my lymph node but was in aware of it. I know this is a big jump to conclusions but that’s what I get for reading online. I do have a physical coming up on the 25th but I’m struggling with worry and wanted another opinion. Would I have signs if it were cancer other than little bit of a swollen lip though? I know this can be caused by other things but it’s been a while and again I can barely feel it . Thank you,

Age: 53
Medications: None
General Information: I’ve been pretty healthy most of my life, good blood work, etc. At 50 years old I had my first colonoscopy and had two small polyps. One was normal, the other was precancerous. They were very small and removed. Other than that I feel healthy

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
3:04 pm

A swollen lymph node is usually a sign of a reaction to an infection. Even more so if it disappeared. It could be due to a number of causes such as a cold or something as simple as a little unnoticeable cut or scratch. Swollen Lymphatic, Arm and Axillary lymph nodes (armpit) often indicate an infection in the mouth, head, arm, hand or neck. if it were cancer you would suffer from serious symptoms such as fever, night sweats, weight loss, abdominal pain, unrelenting fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Dr.Honey Arora
4:57 am

Thanks for the query..

Well first of all make sure that the lymph nodes are swollen.
Axillary lymph nodes are deep enough to be felt manually so easily.
For a confirmation get a clinical examination done by a Physician.
In case if it is swollen then it can be probably due to infection.
If it does not revolve with antibiotics then a Biopsy can be done for confirmation
But jumping on to conclusion of Metastatic cancer is irrelevant and you should not worry about it.