Initial chemotherapy for stage 4 lung cancer failed, what is next chemo to use?

I have been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, spread to brain, other lung and hip bone. Been on Carboplatin for 4 months but cancer has continued to develop. Radiation therapy for brain is keeping it under control, what would be the next step for chemo?

Age: 65

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11:24 am

Many factors will determine which is next best treatment for you. This should be discussed with your oncologist. But for the sake of answering your question, I would say, immunotherapy should be looked at (if not already evaluated by your oncologist) Results from the use of this treatment for lung cancer is very good. Side effects are minimal. But there are limitations, Immunotherapy requires your PD-L1 protein levels to be at a certain level. So, yes, I would look at immunotherapy as the next possible step. If not appropriate for you, then probably Docetaxel should be looked at. Also called… Read more »