I have trouble falling asleep, is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) a solution?

Question: I have trouble falling asleep and suffer from anxiety, is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) a solution? I heard that ASMR is used by people to help with anxiety and sleep problems. I really don’t know if Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a fad or just fake. Should I try it?

Answer: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is an experience which is not well documented nor has been studied in depth by the medical field. ASMR is basically a sensory experience felt by some people – not all people – when watching a specially designed video which elicits a calming “tingling” sensation localized to the scalp and neck – this works for some people only. It is said that it does help with anxiety and sleep disorders because it creates a meditation like effect. Should you try it? I don’t think it can hurt, so why not. You can search on YouTube for these kind of videos….have fun!

Thanks for your question.

Dr. John Claude

I had several panic attack episodes and I take Valium, now experience fear attacks?

I had several panic attacks lately and my doctor – neurologist prescribed me Valium. Now I experience fears which I have never had in the past like fear of food intoxication, being alone by myself and other fears, like the dark and many more. What should I do?

Age: 25
Medications: Valium

I have had anxiety for over 6 years?

I have had anxiety for over 6 years. I’ve tried effexor, zoloft, lexapro, seroquel, and klonopin. A mild chiari malformation with 6mm herniation was found incidentally. I have a problem with sensory overload. I cannot read more than about a page or two per day, or watch too many videos, etc., or it will make me feel extremely anxious and panicky. This problem has stolen my life away. Is there any explanation for this?

Age: 31
Medications: effexor
General Information: These are minor compared to main problem:
pain behind eyes
tachycardia with mild exercise
tingling in forehead
occasional headaches at back of head
right ear pain
weight loss

I experience anxiety, I want to start meditation?

Hi, I am a 23 year old individual that experiences anxiety. I want to start meditation and had a concern regarding this. From the ages of 10-14 I actually had epilepsy, but then took medication and it went into remission and since then I have not experienced a seizure. I was just wondering, because I have been reading numerous scholarly articles on the effects of meditation on individuals with epilepsy that it can persist seizures. Is it safe to practice meditation if I had a history of epilepsy?

Medications: None

Suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months, I thought I had throat cancer?

So i have been suffering with a lump in throat feeling for 6 months. So i thought i had throat cancer. I have become mentally unwell thinking about it. I went to my ent who did a full exam and scoped my throat. Then i had a upper endoscopy and mri. Followed by a barium swallow. Nothing has been shown. So i have pulling my tongue out and pushing my tongue to the side to look with a flash light. I never see anything but by stretching out my tongue the pain goes away for hours and comes back. I think i have ocd. So i have health anxiety. I think they missed my cancer. What should i do? I am 34 y/0 male don’t drink but used to chew.

Age: 34
Medications: Prontonx and lexapro

For the past year I’ve had heart palpitations on and off, this is anything to worry about?

Hi there,
My name is (—). For the past while, probably a year I’ve had heart palpitations on and off, It feels like a beat is skipped in my chest and gives me a fright. Some days never and one day recently at least once every hour. I suffer with anxiety on and off, have had counseling, hypnotherapy etc which I’m continuing with. But I’ve read that anxiety can give palpitations? But when I get one I get very anxious so quite a vicious cycle. I have a massive fear of death, I also don’t like being apart from my fiancé, so working 3 weeks away at a time, having a train, a small plane and a helicopter for a commute to work doesn’t help things. These palpitations can come when.at rest, lying down, sitting, or during exercise (I’ve noticed more recently). I’ve also read exercise can cause palpitations. I was just wondering if this is anything to worry about or is it due to my anxiety? I’m not going to collapse due to a heart attack from them?

Any help very much appreciated

Age: 26
Medications: None

Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea?

Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea? The last 2-3 days had bad pains extremely nauseas. I’ve been taking zofran because I have a fear of throwing up but I’m not sure without diarrhea what else it could be. I have anxiety but this isn’t my normal anxiety nausea and I’ve been around people recovering from a bug. And will suppressing it with zofran make it worse? I can handle diarrhea but that’s not happening either so I’m confused.

Age: 35
Medications: Zofran Ativan

I suffer from Anxiety Disorder, could my multiple panic attacks cause adrenal fatigue?

I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and am having multiple severe panic attacks a day. I am currently taking Zoloft 100mg which isn’t making a difference. But on top of that I’ve been becoming significantly more fatigued and exhausted during the day doing day to day tasks. I’ve been gaining weight and am struggling to shed the kilos I’ve put on.
My question is could my multiple panic attacks a day be causing adrenal fatigue?

Age: 21
Medications: Zoloft 100mg
General Information: Diagnosed with major depression and generalised anxiety disorder March 2017.

I have a Anxious personality is there any medicine which can help my Angina problems?

Hello I am 45 Years old Male, Known Hypertensive on Olmesartan 40mg daily one tablet,also Type 2 Diabetes Taking Tenepride M ( 20+500 ) 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at Night, Both BP and Sugar are in well control but i feel some Chest Pain ( May be Angina ) i explained my doctor but he gave me only Omez-D , I have a Anxious personality so is there any medicine which suits my problem of BP Angina pain Type2 Diabetes and Anxiety ?
Please help me, More over i am on Serta 50 for Aneity ( I dont want to take antidepressants )

Age: 45
Medications: Olmesartan -40mg, Tenepride M 1/2 & 1/2 Sertraline 50 + 50

I’ve started to get heart palpitations and food makes me nauseous?

My entire life I’ve gone without health issues and then suddenly this year it’s been like I’ve become a completely different person.
It started about 10 months ago/at the start of the year.
Food makes me sick and nauseous. The smell of it, being near it and even when eating – I’d say 90% of the time.
That has been my biggest issue but in the past 2-4 months I’ve started to get heart palpitations that last up to 10 yours straight and just random heart flutter.
I get enough sleep but my undereye circles are insane. Sometimes I’m abnormally pale but then suddenly my face starts burning up and it feels like it has a fever. (Only my face, my body does not feel feverish.)
Generally I regularly feel nauseous and sick, even without food causing it. Just randomly.

Note that I am not pregnant or anything of the sorts.

Age: 20
Medications: Nothing

I think I have onychophagia, I thought I could stop this, please advise?

I think i have onychophagia (?). I’ve mostly stopped biting my nails on my hands. My problem is my toes, and that i’ve graduated to using tools. pocket knife, trimming scissors…

I’ve basically removed the nails from 7 toes. When it heals into a faux nail (hard skin), I rip that right off. I don’t disinfect or bandage or anything, I just put socks right over it and go to work. I don’t know how i haven’t got a major infection by now.

What do I need to do. It hurts, but that doesn’t stop me. I stopped on my hands, i thought i could stop this. I can’t.

Medications: None

I am suffering from anxiety, become confused and start shaking?

I see people’s body swapping with others and their souls . I take ever so long taking the body’s and souls out and put them in the right bodies . It is causing me anxiety when I go outside because I can see this picture of a person who looks bad and I get high anxiety when ever I see that persons body or that person in case the body might swap in another persons body please help. I go red and confused and start shaking

Medications: Escitelopram aripiprazole

I have tingling sensations since about noon had an outbreak of shingles 2 months ago?

Been having tingling sensations since about noon. Back of my head, side of my face and neck all on the left side. Hate the hospital and being a Sunday with a Monday holiday the ER is my only option. Trying to decide whether or not to go. Had an outbreak of shingles 2 months ago and am wondering if it’s coming back. No pain, no rash just tingling. Also had an abnormal ekg during annual wellness visit which prompted a cardiology referral. Stress test, echo, halter and result was enlarged right ventricle. More tests coming. Transesophogial echo for Sept 15th. Is this stress and anxiety or possible stroke symptoms or shingles coming back. Just trying to make an informed decision of whether or not I should visit the ER. I’m 42 yrs old

Medications: Astorvastatin


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