For the past year I’ve had heart palpitations on and off, this is anything to worry about?

Hi there,
My name is (—). For the past while, probably a year I’ve had heart palpitations on and off, It feels like a beat is skipped in my chest and gives me a fright. Some days never and one day recently at least once every hour. I suffer with anxiety on and off, have had counseling, hypnotherapy etc which I’m continuing with. But I’ve read that anxiety can give palpitations? But when I get one I get very anxious so quite a vicious cycle. I have a massive fear of death, I also don’t like being apart from my fiancé, so working 3 weeks away at a time, having a train, a small plane and a helicopter for a commute to work doesn’t help things. These palpitations can come rest, lying down, sitting, or during exercise (I’ve noticed more recently). I’ve also read exercise can cause palpitations. I was just wondering if this is anything to worry about or is it due to my anxiety? I’m not going to collapse due to a heart attack from them?

Any help very much appreciated

Age: 26
Medications: None

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Haleema Yezdani

Hello yes palpitations could definitely make life difficult. I would recommend you to get investigated for palpitations please get CBC, electrolytes and ECG done to know the reason and the extent of the palpitations.

Dr. Javez Ernesto

Yes anxiety can cause palpitations. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of palpitations. But better get tested to rule out other conditions which may be causing them.

Dr.Honey Arora
11:35 am

Yes, anxiety and panicing too much can cause palpitations..
As you are 26 it is the most common cause..
But if it happens otherwise also you should once get tested..
ECG and ECHO are the tests to be done..
Also try yoga, deep breathing exercises and read some positivity related books as it can help if it is anxiety related..

Hope this helps..


Arti Sharma
11:16 pm

I would suggest that you get investigated.Get ECG and 2DECHo done.Anxiery too can cause palpitations
Practise yoga nad meditation.
Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes
Get back with test results.