I’m trying to have a baby with my wife, here’s lab report?

i’m trying to have a baby with my wife since last 1 year with o luck so far, can you please check if my semen report is normal or not.
I showed to my wife’s doctor and she said sperm cells are strong but there is some kind of infection (puss) in it that kills the good sperm cells and thats the reason we are not conceiving and she gave me some medication for 5 days to treat that infection(puss) but we had no luck even after that and then i showed this report to a Hakeem (homeopathic doctor) and he said my sperm cells are very weak to conceive so im confused now what is the problem in my semen analysis report, can you please check and advise me if i should be taking any medication or not. thanks

Age: 32
Medications: None

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Dr.Honey Arora
12:48 pm

Thanks for the query..

Your sperms are appearing fine..
It’s not like that your wife cannot conceive due to sperms..
So do not worry about it..

For Infection as you were given medication you should get rechecked to see if it has improved..

Also what about your wife’s reports?

Please let me know..


4:31 pm

Original Poster;
This was the new report after taking the medication for infection, does this report shows any infection, if it does can you recommend me medication that i should take.
Wife’s report still waiting for her day 21 and day 2 to do the tests.

Arti Sharma
11:06 pm

There are chances that you can conceive.Have you completed the course of medicines.Get your semen tested again.
Did you get your wife investigated?
A detailed Examination of you both is necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
All will be well
Do not worry