I am suffering from anxiety, become confused and start shaking?


I see people’s body swapping with others and their souls . I take ever so long taking the body’s and souls out and put them in the right bodies . It is causing me anxiety when I go outside because I can see this picture of a person who looks bad and I get high anxiety when ever I see that persons body or that person in case the body might swap in another persons body please help. I go red and confused and start shaking

Medications: Escitelopram aripiprazole

I have abdominal pain, hallucinations, arm pain, leg pain and shaking?

13, female, only surgery :age 4 skull fracture (back of head)
Started October 15
abdominal pain
hallucinations (3) (ended after rest)
arm pain
leg pain
hard time walking
hard time reading
chest pain (ended after took Ibprofen)
throat pain (ended after took Ibprofen)
red patches of skin on thy (right thy) (ended after 2 days)
nausea (puked 9 times)
fast heartbeat
Meds I have taken since symptoms started
ibprofen (20)
menstrual complete (10)
allergy meds (20)
pepto bismol (1)