I have abdominal pain, hallucinations, arm pain, leg pain and shaking?

13, female, only surgery :age 4 skull fracture (back of head)
Started October 15
abdominal pain
hallucinations (3) (ended after rest)
arm pain
leg pain
hard time walking
hard time reading
chest pain (ended after took Ibprofen)
throat pain (ended after took Ibprofen)
red patches of skin on thy (right thy) (ended after 2 days)
nausea (puked 9 times)
fast heartbeat
Meds I have taken since symptoms started
ibprofen (20)
menstrual complete (10)
allergy meds (20)
pepto bismol (1)

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Ayman Darrag
11:01 am

Hi and welcome to questiondoctors.com
Your symptoms are multiple system involved… But strongly refers to food poisoning ..hallucinations body pains abdominal Pain nausea ..
Have you eaten anything recently or before symptoms appear that is doubted ??