I have extreme pain in my lower right abdomen, ER doctor says it is a cyst?

Extreme pain in my lower right abdomen started in March. After 2 visits to ER, 1 visit to OBGYN, 1 visit to Primary care phys and then admitted to Hospital I’m still in pain. ER said it is the cyst, appendix was ruled out. OBGYN said its too small to be causing my extreme pain. Hospital did check gallbladder, did an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Some minor issues were found in GI but nothing significant. My pain in my lower right abdomen is unbearable. Tramadol was prescribed, but does nothing. Other symptoms included: constant nausea, constipation, pain in my mid and lower back down into my butt and hips. Pain in lower abdomen sometimes hurts on both sides now. At times I feel pressure in my entire abdomen. Spend days with heat packs wrapped around me laying in bed or sitting in a warm tub. It has completely disabled me from any normal function during the day except to concentrate on alleviating the pain. I have had 4 menstrual cycles since this began and it hasn’t gotten any better. I have Factor V Lieden, which caused 3 miscarriages over ten years ago, but not sure if this is an issue. I need some direction before I loose my mind to the pain.

I have a lot of abdominal pain one side,up near the ribs and lower down in the pelvic region?

I have a lot of abdominal pain one side,up near the ribs and lower down in the pelvic region,especially when I pass urine,this is very painful.
I had a operation to repair a prolapse 5 weeks ago.
I had a catheter in for 5 days after
After it was taken out I had a water infection,I was given some antibiotics,they didn’t work,so they prescribed some others as there were high white blood cells in the urine.before the abiotic were finished I went back to the doctors as I still did not feel right,there were still high white blood cells in the urine.bloods were done,nothing was found.i was still in pain so contacted them again,still had high white blood cells in urine,but still wasn’t given anything,bloods were repeated again,but said no sign of infection,although I was still in pain when urinating. I am now getting throbbing pain the other side of my abdomen,just under my ribs and getting pain on the backs of my legs

I have abdominal pain, hallucinations, arm pain, leg pain and shaking?

13, female, only surgery :age 4 skull fracture (back of head)
Started October 15
abdominal pain
hallucinations (3) (ended after rest)
arm pain
leg pain
hard time walking
hard time reading
chest pain (ended after took Ibprofen)
throat pain (ended after took Ibprofen)
red patches of skin on thy (right thy) (ended after 2 days)
nausea (puked 9 times)
fast heartbeat
Meds I have taken since symptoms started
ibprofen (20)
menstrual complete (10)
allergy meds (20)
pepto bismol (1)

My husband is suffering from abdominal pain, here are results, what do you suggest?

My husband is 35 years. He is suffering from abdominal pain since last 4 weeks. When he gets pain it lasts for an hour. His hands and feet get cold. He had endosocopy and colonoscopy done. Report says body and antral type gastric mucosa with mild chronic active gastritis composed of scattered lymphocytes and plasma cells in the lamina propria. There were minor changes suggestive of PPI-effect on acid-secreting tubes. H Pylori not detected. There is no intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia or malignancy. Blood test report says Lipase Level 82 U/L. What do you suggest?

Question: Severe abdominal pain associated with bowel movements

I’ve been having severe abdominal pain associated with bowel movements it hurts so bad at times I loose my breath and it takes over 30 mins to finally have a bowel movement and it switches from constipation to diarrhea and I still don’t get relief it began when I was pregnant with my second child and its been going on for about 2 years I also developed severe anxiety and insomnia around the same time and have had high blood pressure and I don’t know if its connected and I don’t know what to do