I have a lot of abdominal pain one side,up near the ribs and lower down in the pelvic region?

I have a lot of abdominal pain one side,up near the ribs and lower down in the pelvic region,especially when I pass urine,this is very painful.
I had a operation to repair a prolapse 5 weeks ago.
I had a catheter in for 5 days after
After it was taken out I had a water infection,I was given some antibiotics,they didn’t work,so they prescribed some others as there were high white blood cells in the urine.before the abiotic were finished I went back to the doctors as I still did not feel right,there were still high white blood cells in the urine.bloods were done,nothing was found.i was still in pain so contacted them again,still had high white blood cells in urine,but still wasn’t given anything,bloods were repeated again,but said no sign of infection,although I was still in pain when urinating. I am now getting throbbing pain the other side of my abdomen,just under my ribs and getting pain on the backs of my legs

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:03 pm

You said pain in one side (which one?)
The prolapse was it vaginal or rectal?
Can u show me the final urine analysis report and do a GFR as well?

Dr.Honey Arora
12:36 pm

It was a rectal prolapse or vaginal prolapse surgery?
Secondly do you have burning or pain during urination also?
Do you have pain in the lower back?
Please upload your investigation reports and also get a recent urine culture, CBC and sonography done and upload the reports too..


Ayman Darrag
8:09 pm

Which type of prolapse was it?
And please let me see your urine test results.