My husband is suffering from abdominal pain, here are results, what do you suggest?


My husband is 35 years. He is suffering from abdominal pain since last 4 weeks. When he gets pain it lasts for an hour. His hands and feet get cold. He had endosocopy and colonoscopy done. Report says body and antral type gastric mucosa with mild chronic active gastritis composed of scattered lymphocytes and plasma cells in the lamina propria. There were minor changes suggestive of PPI-effect on acid-secreting tubes. H Pylori not detected. There is no intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia or malignancy. Blood test report says Lipase Level 82 U/L. What do you suggest?

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Dr. Ayman Darrag
Dr. Ayman Darrag

According to the report.there is no evidence of something that cause much pain as it is just mild chronic gastritis..
but if the pain,coldness of hands and feet appears after eating ..specially large meals that would be due to the indigestion due to excessive intake of PPI’s as it makes the food hardly digested and huge amount of blood runs to the stomach and leaves the peripherals with low blood flow leads to coldness..that woyuld suggest doing a complete blood count to exclude Anemia..
Please let us know if there is other details

Dr Mahaveer
Dr Mahaveer

the reports dont seem to be serious and there is nothing to worry about.
its just chronic gastritis with a bit of irritable gut.
give him probiotic tablets and antacids whenever needed.