After the colonoscopy, I was assured that although it needs to be done again, they couldn’t see anything?


My sister (42) was diagnosed with rectal cancer.

I also had seen maroon red blood in the bowl, and my blood test result came back saying I have anaemia which later was said to be due to my thalassemia trait.

I had a colonoscopy done in October, and the scope reached to the ilium. However, I still had hard stool on the left, right and sigmoid colon, so I was asked to do it again.

I waited for the appointment which finally arrived with two days notice the day I was going holiday which had to be cancelled. I just received my next appointment in two weeks time.

After the colonoscopy, I was assured that although it needs to be done again, they couldn’t see anything.

1. I wanted to ask if thalassemia can be mistaken for iron deficiency anaemia which is one of the signs of colon cancer
2. I understand you can’t say for sure, but how likely is it that someone can miss cancer due to the hard stool as it would be raised? Also, it entered all the way going past the transverse colon.

Please answer in many details as I’m really worried. Are there any other tests I could do faster or to avoid another colonoscopy?

Thank you in advance

Age: 38
Medications: None

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
6:25 am

Anemia can be caused by Thalassemia or Colon Cancer. In your case, since you have been diagnosed with Thalassemia, it is logical to believe your anemia is most likely due to Thalassemia. But considering your sister has had rectal cancer and there was old blood in stools it is very important you get tested. Your colonoscopy was incomplete and should be redone. Even a small portion not seen during colonoscopy could be problematic especially since the sigmoid colon is adjacent to rectum. Colon cancer is so easily preventable if colonoscopy is done on a regular basis – If it were… Read more »

Dr.Honey Arora
9:53 am

Thanks for the query..

Thalassemia can be a cause for Anaemia more commonly.

Blood in stool is not always due to Rectal cancer and can be due to a number of other causes.

As you are having Thalassemia trait you need to get appropriately tested for Thalassemia and also repeat colonoscopy so that the exact cause for the blood in stool is ruled out..

Appropriate treatment can be done only after the cause is diagnosed.

Hope this helps..