I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu, is it Aura or Epilepsy?

Hi I just need an opinion, the neurologist suggested amitriptyline or Sodium Valproate. She said either option would be fine. I’m on 150 mg zoloft so would need to be on a very low dose of either. The migraines are most likely related to my period so I’m also on the mini pill (cerazette), I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu but they ruled out epilepsy and just said it’s aura.I’m nervous about trying meds. I tried propranolol but it made me depressed and didn’t work.

Age: 23
Medications: zoloft, ritalin, cerazette

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:01 am

I recommend using amitriptyline , you have are simply under lots of anxiety , you have no epilepsy
Just ask you doctor if you can have zoloft dose reduced because your symptoms are all zoloft side effects
Good Luck

Arti Sharma
11:03 am

Hi there. You need to avoid triggers of migraine like chocolate,chinese food,cheese,red wine.Avoid stress .You may try herbal remedies for migraine. Biofeedback techniques are helpful.You may start a medication at low doses and once you start tolerating it gradually increase the dosage. I hope you find this helpful.Best wishes!

Dr.Honey Arora
12:14 pm

It looks like Migraine only and not Epilepsy..
You should first of all start meditation..
Secondly discuss with your doctor about reducing the dose of Zoloft.

Hope this helps..