I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, can smoke from charcoal harm my baby?

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. I am wondering about the harms of burning charcoal in the house. I have family members who smoke and although they smoke outside now, they burn the charcoal in the kitchen several times a day before taking it outdoors. Can this harm my baby if they are not actually smoking indoors and its just the burning of the charcoal?

Age: 36
Medications: progesterone

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Dr.Honey Arora
4:22 am

Yes, there can be harm as burning charcoal can emit gases like carbon mono oxide, and if you continue to inhale it, it can reduce oxygen concentration of foetal cells..
It can have toxic side effects..So better stay away as much as possible.

Hope this helps…

Arti Sharma
5:26 am

Hi and thanks for posting.Inhaling charcoal fumes can be hazardous since it contains carbon monoxide ,soot and patticulate matter. This can decrease oxygen concentration in blood in you as well as fetus.It is best to stay away from it.Hope this helps.Best wishes!

Ahmed Fawzy
5:28 am

Yes charcoal is harmful for baby as it reduce ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to your baby

Ayman Darrag
5:38 am

Hi, since it is a permanent process in your house , so it will be harmful for you and your baby ,i recommend solving this problem as soon as you can