I am having memory problems, can it be a disease or medical problem?

i am 28 yrs old, i am male. I had a good memory few year ago, but nowdays i can memorize nothing, when i try to understand or read something i feel like my mind has blocked from mid of head, i cannot do a work for long time or can say i cannot concentrate for long time. it is happening with me from last 4 years.. i have remember all my memory of childhood or till 2011. after that i haven’t remember. whenever i want to study its like i am reading only not understanding. i want to ask is it any type of disease or else

Age: 28
Medications: no

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Arti Sharma
10:21 pm

Hello I understand your situation.Are you overworked,stressed ,taking adequate sleep?Stress,drug or alcohol abuse,depression,underactive thyroid,nutritional deficiencies all can cause memory loss in young age.Blood vessel abnormalities is a rare possibility.I suggest that you take a balanced diet,exercise daily and take adequate sleep.Get investigated for vitamin levels,haemoglobin,fasting blood sugar and thyroid tests.A CT brain may help in ruling out any brain abnormality. See a neurologist /psychiatrist based on test results.Do not worry.Best wishes!