I have been diagnosed with Spinal TB (Spinal tuberculosis) how to subside/reduce the pain?

I have been diagnosed with Spinal TB (backache was on for an year and little more than that) and was hospitalized. I have been sent home after medication since doctor said surgery is not required. Pain still continues and at late night (not all nights) become unbearable. What should i do to subside/reduce the pain?

Age: 45
Medications: Regular as told by Doctor

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Arti Sharma
11:34 pm

Hello. Are you still on antituberculous treatment? Periodic rest ,nutritious diet and antituberculous treatment all help in recovery.Compression of nerve roots causes pain.You may take any over the counter painkiller.If you have already completed treatment and there is pain then there is a possibility that there is a prominent kyphotic bend in the spine which is leading to stretching of spinal cord and leading to pain.As you said pain is unbearable I suggest that you see your doctor and get reviewed again.Based on detailed history and clinical examination findings you may need MRI spine.Hope this helped you.Get back to us.Take… Read more »