I feel stunned and mentally drained, should I get an MRI?

I’m having this symptom everytime i’m talking for a time with friends or anyone. I feel stunned and mentally drained, it’s really bad. It’s not the tipical “feeling tired after hanging out” it’s something worse. I noticed that if i take a asprin before hanging out, it doesn’t happen at all or just slightly. So yeah, everytime i have to hang out with friends, i must take an aspirin to prevent this to happen. I also got this symptom trying to sing a song in my car and after taking several breaths. Yeah, after singing for a minute and taking breaths, boom i get this symptom (brain stunned and drained/tired) I really don’t know what’s going on, never had something like this before. I also noticed that if i drink something with sugar/caffein i feel slighty better. Has it something to do with brain oxygenation? I readt something about it and the symptoms are similiar. I suffered from long stress. Is it causing this? Someone suggested me to do a magnetic resonance. I really need to know what’s going on, i don’t think it’s right to take an aspirin everytime i have to hang out. Looks like “talking” causes it.
Medications: Nothing.