I have a constant pain in my right groin area which radiates to my inner thigh?

I have a constant pain in my right groin area which radiates to my inner thigh to my knee as a shooting pain. The groin is sensitive when I touch. This pain exists since 3 years. Over the years the pain has increased and extended around my hip and lower back. My kidney, bowel, bladder ,ovaries basically everything was checked ,but they could not find anything. I was only diagnosed with endometriosis at the beginning of these years. On an MRI 3 lymph nodes are visible (actually where the pain is comming from) all are around 10-12mm.
My question is that if these lymph nodes (or 1 of them) can cause the pain like pushing a nerve or something? How my groin can be examined to be able to know that the lymph nodes are ok and if any of them causing the pain? Is it possible to see if any of them effected by the endometriosis ?

Age: 37
Medications: –

What could cause severe groin pain?

What could cause severe groin pain. 55yr old female, with 3 scoliosis surgery at 12, 17, 21yrs. (in the 1970’s) Harrington rod put in , taken out and third surgery was bone taken from my hip and fused to lower spine.
Some hip pain when weather is bad but the groin pain is extreme. Pain started in my mid 40’s beginning periodically at night when I was in bed. But groin pain is happening now at least 4 days a week, very sharp and it is not like the ache I get in my hip from time to time.

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