I suffer with panic and anxiety disorder, chest pains for 4 years?

I’m 20 yr old male and suffer with panic and anxiety disorder.. i’ve been experience chest pains for 4 years, for the last week it has been worse I don’t know why, it’s making me have major panic attacks. My jaw gets pain, I get sharp shooting in my left shoulder, I go numb in the arm.. everything that happens to me is all heart attack symptoms, iv had my lungs, and heart checked in the last year, it’s all perfect. The pain has been really scaring me. It could just be very server anxiety, but does that mean the pain has to be so hectic and all the symptoms have to be like heart attacks? It’s driving me crazy…

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I’m 17 years old, have a hard time breathing, chest hurts and painful migraines?

Hi my name is (…) and i am 17 years old. I’ve been having these episodes where I have a hard time breathing and my chest hurts, I also get very painful migraines . Then sometimes I have tunnel vision and i have to grab on to something weather i’m standing or sitting so i don’t fall over. Usually they only last for 10-15 seconds but recently the last time it happened it lasted about 5 minuets and my friend had to help me sit down at school. Also i haven’t been able to sleep because I jump in my sleep and it makes me up or I just can’t fall asleep and it takes a lot of out me because I have long days at school. lastly my appetite has just disappeared. I have hardly been eating because food makes me feel sick or nauseous. I’m not stressed because things are going well for me so i don’t think it’s stress. If anyone could give me an answer/diagnosis or a way to help my symptoms i will be so grateful.