I have diagnosed eustachian tube dysfunction with tinnitus?

I have diagnosed eustachian tube dysfunction with tinnitus secondary to sinusitis x4 weeks. I’m on the 12th day of Amoxicillian with two more to go. I’m also now on Flonase and Zyrtec also. The allergy and infection systems are mostly gone, but my ears feel full and my hearing is muffled. When would be the appropriate time to test for fluid in my ears, and possible interconnecting to have them drained. My doc says this will clear up on its own over time but I’m not so sure.

Thank you.

Age: 70
Medications: Glypizide, metformin, lo dose asa

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
11:00 pm

If the tinnitus is caused by the fluid buildup and not by perforation it will – in my opinion – resolve by itself. You need to first complete the course of antibiotics and probably wait about 2 weeks. Consult your Doctor afterwards to see if another round of antibiotics may be required or if another treatment is recommended. Also remember that you are now more sensitive to hearing the muffled sound and in fact it may be subsiding but you are not aware of it.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:24 am

Thanks for the query..

Fullness in ears and muffled hearing is all happening due to fluid still present behind the eardrum.
You should continue with the course of antibiotics and might need another 7 days after this..
Also you can use Xylometazoline nose drops and see if the congestion gets better.

Hope this helps.