I am in very serious pain in my right hip thru my right calf!

I fell down 5 stairs! March. Went to DR. next day. Seemed OK. 1 month later pain developed in hip. Got much worse over following months. XRAYs in July and Aug and 2 Visits to Orthopedist. He determined no hip replacement. Family DR supportive but?
I am in very serious pain in my right hip thru my right calf! Scale, a 10 much of the time. Over the counter does help some, part of the time. Not able to get any scrip that will help. Now left leg is also in pain. Having difficulty walking. Can’t mow lawn and so on. Seeing Ortho again in 10 days to discuss injection.
Am 81 and my Cardiologist says surgery would be OK even with PaceM and Defib. Not over weight. SO! Have at it!

Age: 81

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. First I would go with the injections to see if and how much pain could be relieved and preferably avoid surgery. If unsatisfactory, hip replacement is a safe procedure even at 81. Although statistics show that there are some consequences for older patients who undergo hip replacement a few years after the surgery, I believe that the risks are worth it, if it could return your quality of life. Regards