In September 2000 I had a wrist fusion done?

In September 2000 I had a wrist fusion done. Is it possible to reverse the procedure and get the mobility in my wrist back? Playing a guitar is very difficult and supporting myself when getting up from the floor is really hurting my fingers. I’m really afraid of causing damage to the fingers and bones of the hand if I fall. What options are available to me?

Age: 52
Medications: Omeprazole, ASA, Lisinopril

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
9:54 am

Unfortunately, it is normal not to regain 100% mobility after wrist fusion. In my opinion, the only valid option is to have a total joint replacement surgery. However it too may have some limitations to movements – such as the wrist – which you need to discuss with your surgeon.

stephen malloy
stephen malloy
9:49 am

I’d also like to know this. I had a 4 corner pariphial part fusion done and find it very difficult to do anything. My job entails lifting and also my driving skills are seriously diminished now. I want it reversed back to what it was and most likely get a bone graft of my scaphoid done allowing me to have full movement back in my wrist. I can’t even do any diy as my wrist won’t allow it. None of this was explained at time of referral, all i was told was I’d still have movement, not as little as… Read more »