I was wearing adult diapers to keep my bed dry?

I’m 35 male And I don’t take any meds I was wearing adult diapers to keep my bed dry a couple of nights ago the diaper was dry till I Sat up then with out knowing I would pee in with out knowing that happen for three night before I could make it to the bathroom my question is that normal and should i be concern and should i start to wear them during day ?

Age: 35
Medications: No
General Information: I was told that I have stress

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
12:50 pm

Considering you are 35 years old, you need to identify the cause of your Urinary Incontinence. The fact that you suffered from incontinence – for some time at night I imagine- and now while you were awake means there is an underlying cause…and it is possible getting worse – It could be a UTI, Prostate problem, Bladder problem or other issue. To feel more reassured yes you may want to wear an adult diaper to avoid a possible unpleasant accident – however – you really need to find out what the underlying problem is – I am not sure it… Read more »