What is a good product to increase libido?

What is a good product to increase libido? I don’t have erection problems, I just have no sex drive. I tried Steel Libido and Steel Libido Red, but they didn’t do anything. I tried looking online, but there are too many ads that say thier product is the best while the other products don’t work. Can you recommend any products that I can get without a prescription?

Age: 44
Medications: MetForman and Sertraline
General Information: My sex drive was gone before I started taking those medications.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
6:26 pm

In fact, in my opinion there are none – at least as far as supplements or pills are concerned. To increase libido you need to reduce your stress & anxiety levels, improve your sleep, increase physical exercise, avoid drugs and alcohol and eat well. If there is something you can actually take to improve libido, I would say eat dark chocolate, eat grass fed meat and grass fed organic poultry and dairy products – this can help increase your dopamine levels which is probably the best way to increase libido. Hope this helps.

Dr.Honey Arora
8:54 am

If you are taking Metformin then probably you are diabetic and it is a common cause for loss of sex drive.

Also other medical conditions along with ongoing stress can be a cause.

So first of all maintain a healthy state of body and mind.

Do regular exercise and meditation.
Yoga can be very Beneficial.

Herbal preparations like Shilajit can help in improvement of sex drive.
Eat nuts and healthy meals.
Take sufficient sleep.