Waking up at 1:00am with chills that last about an hour?

going to bed at 10:00pm …waking up at 1:00am with chills that last about an hour …try to go back to sleep but my mind races over and over about some random event. When I get up the next morning I have a headache and my whole body feels terribly achy …..painful to even walk around….ruins the whole day
This has been happening once or twice a week for about a month now…..doesn’t happen every night
and I only get the chills at night….the last time i thought I was going to vomit but didn’t …the feeling went away

Medications: None

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
3:30 pm

Night chills can be caused by a number of problems. They can be due to an infection – if so you would probably have a high temperature – take your temperature using a thermometer. If you have high temperature you should consult. Night chills can also be due to Hypothyroidism or Hypoglycemia – a simple blood test can diagnose these conditions. Again you should see your Doctor.Finally it maybe due to an emotional state, perhaps an emotional reaction to a dream you may be having. try to monitor the situation, measure your temperature and consult if necessary.