I have skin rashes for almost half a year?

I have skin rashes for almost half a year and it is getting worse and larger in area, I am worried about getting hiv after high risk sex about 6 months ago. I have done two rapid tests after the incident and both are negative. (Doctoreyes Blood Drop test). I am worried about my condition because my skin rashes has gotten worse and also I have caught some short-term fever (with sore throat). Would you recommend a detailed blood test from a clinic, I will attach my skin photo below. Thanks for your help!

Age: 19
Medications: steroid lotions
General Information: itchy rashes, rashes area getting larger. on back of body, fingers and buttocks areas.I have seen some dermatologist and and used some steroid lotions (I did not tell him about my concern for hiv), the itches reduced but rashes areas doesn’t some to stop enlarging. I have had a few fevers with light coughs lasted for 2 days.

(unpublished photo)

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
1:21 pm

I don’t think it is an HIV rash. Hiv rashes appear within 2-3 weeks after exposure and disappear – but may return. It would not last for 6 months and grow consistently. Looks more like an infection probably fungal. You may need to get a scraping (skin sampling) done to confirm fugal infection. But – yes- you need to get a second hiv test done usually around 4 months after possible infection date to confirm a negative result from rapid test done soon after possible exposure. A clinic test would be better.