I contracted chlamydia towards the end of February. I was tested positive then “negative” to a positive?

I contracted chlamydia towards the end of February. I was tested in the first week of march because I presented symptoms(only an constant itchy urethra). I received treatment(it was confirmed that I had chlamydia) on March 13 with one dose of Azithromycin. After 10 days passed and no relief from symptoms, on the 23rd of March I went back to the clinic and I was given a week course of doxycycline. After about 3 days, my symptoms changed from originally having a completely itchy urethra to no more itching but a random irritation in my urethra(the exact place is the portion of the navicular fossa furthest from the urethral opening) within 5 minutes after urination and if I squeeze it, it hurts. Also I developed a heavy burn in my left testicle which I was told by my doctor  is epididymitis. After the week, my symptoms did not alleviate and so I went back to the  clinic and on April 2nd they put me on a 2 weeks course of doxycycline and also metronidazole just in cause I had trichomonias. After the 2 week period the sexual health clinic advised me to see my general practitioner because the chlamydia should be gone.  The gp examined me on April 18th and decided to give me ciprofloxacin which I presume he diagnosed that it is a uti. I had completed the week’s course of it and the pain in my epididymitis has changed from a burn to an achy feeling.  I decided to get myself tested on April 24th at another facility that was not the clinic. During that wait period because of my symptoms I went back to by my gp and they conducted a urine culture which showed nothing abnormal besides the white discharge so they don’t know what the cause is.  I went back to the clinic and they said it should be no way I still have chlamydia but they saw that I had a massive amount of discharge in my penis(which I am assuming came about because I was off of medication) so they gave me another 1g dosage of Azithromycin and also a 4 day dosage of Azithromycin to take over the next 5 days(starting the next day since I had just taken the 1g of Azithromycin). and around 5 days later I had received my results back saying that it is negative for chlamydia which I was excited for but I still had symptoms, the same symptoms I have had for the past month and a half with the addition of lower abdominal pain. I decided to take another test at the clinic because I felt the ciprofloxacin or one of the other medications could have possibly effected the test(I can say that I know this is unlikely because the test searches for DNA and not the organism and if ciprofloxacin still killed it partially(ciprofloxacin isn’t effective in killing it the internet says)  the DNA would still have been there). The test results came back saying equivocal for chlamydia. How could it go from a “negative” to a “possibly still there”? The stress I am feeling is immense because it seems as though I will be stuck with chlamydia for the rest of my life. How is this even possible? Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Another thing I failed to mention in the above information is that I was tested for all STD’s the first time I went to the clinic and only chlamydia was present. I was tested again 2 more times for gonorrhea and I was tested for mycoplasma and ureplasma twice as well and they were all negative. Also during this entire ordeal I have not had sex.

medications: none

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
1:24 pm

STD Testing is not 100% accurate. In fact about 10 to 15% of Chlamydia tests can provide a false negative or false positive result . This can be due to test sensitivity-specificity, improper sampling, contamination of sample or simple human error. In your case, it seems you have had 2 positive results and one false negative result. So keep monitoring your symptoms, work with a Doctor you trust and get tested in a laboratory you trust.

Dr.Honey Arora
1:26 pm

Well as the result has been positive for Chlamydia twice and also tge symptoms are prevalant therefore negative report seems false.

However consulting an Infectious medicine specialist and getting another round of tests if at all still needed including blood and urine tests along with urethral swab culture can be done.

You need further antibiotic treatment as symptoms are still prevalant


Original Poster
Original Poster
2:14 pm

So the doctor is saying that this is an example of multidrug-resistant form of chlamydia?

Dr. Javez Ernesto
8:58 pm

In my opinion, it is a problem of incomplete treatment and/or testing error. if symptoms persist, you should consult an Infectious disease specialist.