Do I have a rash on my breast or are they glands of some kind?

Do I have a rash on my breast or are they glands of some kind? For a few months now, I’ve noticed this pink/red patch just outside of my areola. It doesn’t hurt or bother me in any way. I assumed it was glands. I added a photo of it to another doctor site just to see, and the dermatologist there seemed pretty confident that it was folliculitis and told me to get OTC cream or see my PCP for antibiotics. I’ve used the OTC stuff for 2 days now with no improvement.

Age: 24
Medications: Birth control

(unpublished photo)

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. It could be Folliculitis. but I think it looks more like a Fungal infection. Do you have any same type of spots under your breast? If so it confirms a Fungal Infection. An OTC antifungal cream may help. If not you will need to consult to get Prescription medications. If situation persists I recommend you consult for further investigation. Regards.

Original poster
Original poster
8:04 am

Which type of meds would my pcp prescribe? Thanks.

Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. After exact identification of infection with scraping, your Doctor would prescribe a medication such as Bensal HP or Itraconazole. Regards