Had low risk exposure to hiv?

Had low risk exposure to hiv. Had 4 tests – 4th gen 20, 36 and 95 days. Also rna at 26 days. All neg. Have small post.cerv lymph nodes, many dr’s examined and all smaller than 1 cm so they’re not concerned. I had unprotected sex with my wife 16 days after event. My wife had a nose bleed 70 days later in presence of my toddler. My toddler got full body Rash. ive been told i’m conclusively negative but terrified i infected my whole family. Please help. What does ARS rash look like? Dr. said it’s just dry skin but it started on stomach and chest, then moved to back, then arms and thighs. Stomach and chest better now but thighs stronger, so its kind of moving. 12 days now. Since I was told I was conclusive I neevr told pediatrician. does my daughter need to be tested?

Age: 31
Medications: none
General Information: I had no symptoms besides the small lymph nodes. I first felt the nodes 30 days after the exposure so tested again at 36 days (4th generation). I was told the combination of those tests (20 days 4th gen, 26 days pcr/rna, and 36 days were conclusively negative by infectious disease specialists. I tested again for peace of mind, full std panel, at 95 days. All negative. But I’m terrified somehow my baby got infected. My exposure was no inter course, but there was some fluid transfer as my fingers touched myself after being in her. Also she put her fingers in my butt for about a minute and she may have had her fluid on her fingers, im not sure.

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
12:11 pm

First, based on your information, your exposure was in fact low risk. Secondly, 3 X 4th gen tests and rna test – all negative – is conclusive. Third, a rash on a toddler is pretty common, could be just a heat rash or some other type f rash. There is no particular rash that is symptomatic of HIV- ARS but usually lasts a couple of weeks and may look like measles, is widespread and probably on face, collar bone, hands, arms and is accompanied by other symptoms- fever, very bad body pain and aches. In my opinion, I don’t think… Read more »

Original Poster
Original Poster
12:12 pm

This is same person who asked the question. Just an FYI that the rash no longer is on tummy, chest, arms, or back. Just now on thighs and back of neck. I was told by 2 separate infectious disease specialists that my risk was not a risk for HIV and that my tests (even before the 95 days) were conclusive. I was over it, but now my baby’s rash got me nervous again. I took an OTC oraquick at 118 days and that too was neg.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:15 pm

Thanks for the query..

The number of tests that you have got done and all turned out to be negative is indicative that you are not infected with HIV.
SO you need not to worry.
Secondly the rash on your toddlers body can be due to some allergy or infection.
So better get an examination done by a Pediatrician.

You need not to worry about your toddler being infected with HIV from you as you yourself is not infected.

Its just your anxiety.
So relax.


Dr.Honey Arora
12:17 pm

No need to worry as you are not infected nor your baby.


Original Poster
Original Poster
12:18 pm

We went to pediatrician twice. The first time they said eczema. The second time (this time the head of the practice and great Dr. examined) and said definitely wasn’t eczema, he thought just dry skin. Does anyone have experience with the ARS rash? Does it come in different places at different times as this does or all at once? As of today, 12 days after it started, she only has the rash on her legs and back of neck by hairline. It started on belly, then back and arms. but that settled down and then sprouted elsewhere. Thank you

Original Poster
Original Poster
12:21 pm

baby has no fever at all. seems completely happy not uncomfortable. Has had a runny nose for a few days and a very very minor cough. In good spirits and not cranky. Also she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the rash so its not itchy.

Dr. Javez Ernesto
12:43 pm

ARS symptoms include fever of more than 102 that doesn’t go away and multiple small isolated red spots on face, neck and upper chest and extensive pain. Baby would be crying extensively.