Why does my syphilis test have a point value of .4 -.6?

Why does my syphilis test have point value of .4-.6 what are the differences in the 2 test? the syphilis treponomal igg and the syphilis treponomal igg interp. I do have a negative rh factor. the first time i was pregnant i tested positive for syphilis and the retested my blood and it was negative. My obgyn sent my blood to a specialist and said it showed up as a false positive because of the negative rh factor. I don’t understand why there is a number on the test. does everyone have a value range? is there a difference in negative and non reactive ? or do most people just get the phone with the results saying you are negative or positive for tests and I have access to online testing so i see more than most people do?

Age: 39
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Are theses stool culture findings normal or abnormal?

I need some help knowing if I need to follow up with these results in the document. The test was done in the hospital and I did not get the results until after I was home. I was not sure if these were normal findings or abnormal. I do not see my Dr. For a while but if this is something that needs attention I will try to get in sooner. Thank you in advance, (—)

Age: 60
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General Information: Diarrhea