Why does my syphilis test have a point value of .4 -.6?

Why does my syphilis test have point value of .4-.6 what are the differences in the 2 test? the syphilis treponomal igg and the syphilis treponomal igg interp. I do have a negative rh factor. the first time i was pregnant i tested positive for syphilis and the retested my blood and it was negative. My obgyn sent my blood to a specialist and said it showed up as a false positive because of the negative rh factor. I don’t understand why there is a number on the test. does everyone have a value range? is there a difference in negative and non reactive ? or do most people just get the phone with the results saying you are negative or positive for tests and I have access to online testing so i see more than most people do?

Age: 39
Medications: birth controlpill

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
4:50 pm

Syphilis testing requires 2 different tests for confirmation. If first test is positive, a second – different type of test -must also confirm positive. If not, it is considered a false positive (no syphilis). When this happens further testing is needed to try to explain why there was a false positive – in your case rh factor was determined to be the cause. Values refer to Titers which are minimal detection levels of antibodies – used to evaluate further treatment results if treatment is required

Original Poster
Original Poster
5:11 pm

So anytime I get tested it will show a value because of my rh negative factor?

Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. A value is indicated to help with treatment. Negative rh factor is simply the status of certain antigens of your blood. People can be rh positive or rh negative. One is not better than the other. This is important to know when pregnant but otherwise is less important.

Dr.Honey Arora
7:40 am

Negative Rh factor does not seem to be the cause for the false positive test. However there can be a very small portions of false tests when Trepanomal IgG test is done.

You can proceed for further investigations to confirm..

However Rh factor is not appearing to be the cause.