Can i give blood while on pain prescription medication without the blood recipient getting defective genes?

I’m type 1 diabetes (for 25 yrs,) insulin dependent ,with severe arthritis ,an auto imunne disease &can i give blood while on pain prescription medication without the blood recipient getting defective genes from my blood .Also in 2010 i was in a severe car wreck ,where my hip socket ,hip bone &pelvic bone were broken &my right knee cap destroyed &my femur bone broke in half &i almost bleed to death ,so i was given 4 pints of blood.My question is could the blood i received change my blood or cause me to have different personality traits or certain kinds of cravings for different type foods or cause me to have alot more allergies than i had before i received the blood transfusion. Also last year my insurance changed i had to go with brand new doctors one of which was a new orthopedic doctor which wanted to take change my pain meds so he put me on Tylenol arthritis 4 times a day&a new anti inflammatory 2 times a day in less than a week i got really sick &my blood liver enzymes were thru the roof &emergency room results said i had liver damage ,I have also had extreme digestive problems ever since ,could all that have been caused by the new anti inflammatory &the Tylenol?I also want to know if doctors have to read &know the side effects &complications of every medication they prescribe ?

Age: 47
Medications: Fentnal 50mg patch change every 4 days ,oxycodone 3 times a day if needed , flexirl 20mg 1 at bedtime if needed ,lantus insulin 60 units 1 time a day ,humalog insulin up to 40 units total, sliding scale units if needed .
General Information: Type 1diabetes,breast cancer,&female reproductive cancer ,lung cancer ,severe reumatoid arthritis, kidney deformation &kidney disease ,also im not sure what its called but where your blood gets to thick &causes blood clots all theese run in my family as my deceased
Brother ,deceased uncles& aunts &deceased gransparents on both sides my family (both my uncle &grandmother on my fathers side that had lung cancer also &died from uncle at 62 yrs old 5months after diagnoses &my grandmother died at 89yrs. 2 months after diagnosis neither were smokers &they never lived or were around smokers also my father died at 47 of a drug interaction from medication, for staff infection &pain meds&he took tylonol pm to go to sleep,my grandmother &uncles were not smokers or around smokers other than in public places .SHOULD I HAVE A DNA MEDICAL TEST &GENE TEST DONE .I PURCHASED ONE BUT I HAVENT SENT IT OFF YET .IT SUPOSE TO TELL ME WERE MY ANSESTORS ARE FROM.&MY MEDICAL GENE HISTORY IT A 23 &ME TEST .

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
12:45 am

Blood transfusions are generally considered safe. Donors must be considered safe to be eligible and blood donations are tested for a number of Infectious Diseases. Donor’s DNA may persist in recipient’s blood for a few days – longer with large transfusions – but gene modification is inconsequential. Some cancers have been shown to be related to DNA in some families, lung cancer not as much. Any DNA testing that you decide to undergo needs to be done by an accredited lab, using appropriate testing methods and it needs to be specific to a particular condition. I don’t believe DNA testing… Read more »

Dr.Honey Arora
6:22 am

Hi. Thanks for the query.. Mostly individuals with Diabetes are not permitted to donate blood due to risk of health hazards in Donor as there is change in insulin levels with blood donation. Also if there are any infectious diseases then Individual is not allowed to donate blood. Individuals with certain Autoimmune diseases are also not allowed to donate blood due to a number of factors involved.. As your family has a history of cancers it is advisable to get tested regularly. As far as gene and DNA test is concerned, you can get it done for the purpose that… Read more »